“Dignitary harm”: The new legal standard of the tyranny of hurt feelings

From Rick Plasterer at Juicy Ecumenism:

Who would have thought, just a few years ago, that hurt feelings would count as legal harm, especially hurt feelings at the conscience convictions of others? And yet this is exactly what is being seriously advanced as a legal standard today. Simply by replacing a term – hurt feelings – that refers to personal pain at someone else’s adverse judgment, which in a free society ought to be a personal matter rather than a matter of public concern, with a high sounding legal term, “dignitary harm,” today’s sexual revolutionaries have managed to make an injury that people would historically have been ashamed to advance and would have been considered foolish into a claim that has to be taken seriously and engaged if we want to avoid its devastating consequences. More.

Reality check: Not only will “dignitary harm” become an increasingly serious claim, but its demands and their outcomes will become increasingly bizarre. It is helpful to remember that many people in society today affirm their identity by needing things that – typically – government must provide by co-opting goods and services from you against your conscience. If you vote for it, you own it.

See also: But when the SJWs declare war on reality they really do mean it, you know. As did the profs who taught them. That’s the New Year’s lesson for the rest of us, going forward.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    People who work for a living don’t have time to pursue grievances.

  • tom_billesley

    Will “evil eye” be actionable?

  • Felix_Culpa

    “Dignitary harm” is really Natural Law pricking one’s conscience. The hurt feelings or “harm” does not, however, come from the outside, but from inside the person. People with “alternative sexualities” know, deep down, that there is something wrong with their sex drives. Unlike amoebas who simply split in two to reproduce: all sexual reproduction requires two sexes to accomplish it. The biological purpose of the sex act is to have children. Deep down, everyone knows that. EVERYONE. One’s sex drive *ought* be towards a fellow adult of of the opposite sex because children cannot be conceived any other way. If you are attracted to anything except opposite-sex adults, then “Natural Law”–the law of the nature of the thing in itself–is what is telling you that your sex drive is “out of order”. But some people don’t like to be reminded of this (and that includes the many heterosexuals who are contracepting, by the way). And the results of someone trying to suppress their pricked conscience is rage against anyone they suspect may be the one reminding them of this fact–hence the claim of “dignitary harm.” But in reality, their conscience has not been pricked by some external factor or some other person, but by *themselves* in the deepest recesses of their own human psyche. The rage is really against their own human nature.