Can The US Survive An EMP Attack?

While there’s no question that a nuclear strike on the Continental US would be utterly devastating, it’s not the only way a rogue state like North Korea could kill millions of American civilians in one fell swoop.

Another possibility that is being studied by lawmakers and Pentagon officials is – like North Korea itself – a vestige of the Cold War. We’re of course referring to an electromagnetic pulse. By detonating a hydrogen bomb in just the right spot miles above the Earth’s surface, the North could permanently damage the US power grid – maybe even take it offline completely. By robbing entire swaths of the US of electricity, the North could precipitate thousands – if not millions – of deaths.

  • Brett_McS

    We live on a knife edge, cosmically speaking. If there were an EMP event that stopped the electricity grid of an advanced nation, 90% of the people will be dead within a month or so. If it is a more global event – such as from Solar flares – that will basically be the end of humanity as a technological species. Why? Because all the energy sources that can be had without the use of modern technology have already been extracted. There aren’t any more. Even with the knowledge of how to get at them intact there would be no way of doing so.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Physics is sexist, racist and islamophobic.