But when the SJWs declare war on reality they really do mean it, you know

As did the profs who taught them. That’s the New Year’s lesson for the rest of us, going forward.

From David Solway at America Thinker:

Another word for this aberration is progressivism. The method it has adopted to achieve its goal is to abjure common sense – that is, the acknowledgement of psychological, biological, historical, and physical facts, and to substitute a series of phantoms that consort with desire, not reality. The repudiation of the reality principle and the pursuit of one’s own destruction are clearly a kind of insanity, the false idealism of profane perfectibility, self-hatred masking as self-love. Perhaps the temptation to defy reality can be to some extent withstood, relying on the quality of human resilience among those who know we cannot survive contra naturam, and who are able, as the psychologists say, to decathect, to resist the infatuations of the imaginary. Potatoes don’t grow in Lysenko-land.

What we might call the leftist predisposition, the resentment of things as they are and the hunger for an Elysian mirage, will always be with us. But if we wish to survive and prosper, we have no choice but to respect the “unalterable form” of things as they are and to conserve what we have managed to accomplish thus far. To put it simply, we must work with, not against, reality. More.

Reality check: Yes, he wrote that in April 2017 but it is still true, if not more so.

Next year, we may be dealing with: IQ tests are wrong because chimps fail them.

See also: Can science survive long in a post-modern world? It’s not clear.


How naturalism morphed into a state religion

  • Flyboy

    An articulate analysis of the narcissistic self-destruction that is progressivism.

  • DMB
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  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s fun to point out but let’s be realistic here. It doesn’t matter. If western society implodes because of these people, if America collapses in anarchy, famine and flames because electricity is racist or civil engineering doesn’t account for all the genders, then so what?

    I have to tell you I don’t care. Not just because I’m old but because there’s always going to be somewhere else to go. As long as you, your family can develop a modicum of self sufficiency then if colleges stop teaching literacy and math and there’s no one left to run the power plant it won’t be a huge deal. And the further they go with this the quicker the end will come. 20 years ago if the global cell phone network went down it would be an interesting news bit. Today it would be the zombie apocalypse. Millions would starve, not knowing where to shop or how to cook. In five years, if someone manages to bring down all the Alexa devices and smart door locks at once it will be a nonstop Purge. It will be cannibalism. But it will be a gender tolerant, SJW cannibalism.