But kids don’t want diversity in superheroes, hence the sales slump

From Michael Brush at MarketWatch:

Thus superheroes play a significant role in sales trends at Time Warner TWX, -0.61% and Walt Disney Co. DIS, -0.82% home of DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment, respectively. They also impact sales at Netflix NFLX, +0.70% which has produced two popular series based on comic-book characters, Cinemark CNK, -0.86% Regal Entertainment RGC, -0.26% AMC Entertainment AMC, -3.25% Hasbro HAS, +0.76% and Mattel MAT, +0.83%

So if the new wave of “diverse” superheroes has caused the recent slump in comic-book sales growth, that’s a trend investors need to sit up and notice.

In the past few years, Disney’s Marvel Entertainment has rolled out an Afro-Latino Spider-Man, a Muslim Ms. Marvel, a female Thor, a gay Iceman, a Korean Hulk, an African-American female lead in Iron Man, and a lesbian Latina America Chavez. More.

Reality check: Right. And the kids ignored the dreadfully Correct SJWs and made up their own stories (or something) like kids used to.

Long before superheroes became a market force, kids just made up their own fantasies. And sales have slumped.

Nobody actually wants a diverse panel of superheroes. Most kids want a superhero with whom they can identify, someone that they wish they could be like. Sure, a Muslim boy might want a Muslim superhero, but not a girl Muslim hero…   Come on!

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  • Starlord

    Bet they have figures on who buys comic books and they ignored the stats to virtual signal while ignoring common sense.

    Hard core Islamics are not going to let their kids read western comics with or without Muslim characters.

    • Mark Matis

      Oh, they will indeed let their kids read Western comics. As long as those “comics” show the infidels being destroyed. That will be the theme for Marvel et al in the coming year.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I have a friend that owned a comic book store in TN.
      80% of the readers that buy comics are white males 10% are white females (his store is in a college town), and then the remaining 10% are everything else, with the exception of blacks.
      He says the saying in the industry is that blacks don’t buy comics. They will come into the store and look and read, but that they almost never buy the actual books.
      He says that the PC “thought police” have killed the industry and he’s now looking to get out of the business after over twenty years.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Don’t you just love how Hollywood keeps trying to sell you Pintos and Vegas?

  • bargogx1

    Funny how nobody addresses the issue of why they won’t create new “diverse” characters instead of changing the race/gender of existing characters to make them more “diverse”. As a longtime fan of the superhero genre, I’ve never had any problem with female superheroes or superheroes of any colour, but changing the race or gender of an existing character is just a major turn-off.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      It’s a turnoff to almost all of their readers too, but most are youngsters who don’t want to deal with the social penalties of speaking out, so they shut up and stop buying the comics.
      The major comic book producers don’t care because they make most of their money (that they do make from comics) selling the licensing rights to Hollywood for the few that make it big.
      It makes for a very insulated industry that can mostly ignore their own audiences for quite a while.

    • J. C.

      The ultimate plan is to replace white people, so they start small with our pop culture icons. Eventually, they’ll actually start rounding up and exterminating those of us who refuse to race-mix ourselves out of existence…

  • Hard Little Machine

    The comic book companies should now implement an SJW sliding scale for sales. White boys pay 10x what they do now, everyone else, it’s free.