But kids don’t want diversity in superheroes, hence the sales slump

From Michael Brush at MarketWatch:

Thus superheroes play a significant role in sales trends at Time Warner TWX, -0.61% and Walt Disney Co. DIS, -0.82% home of DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment, respectively. They also impact sales at Netflix NFLX, +0.70% which has produced two popular series based on comic-book characters, Cinemark CNK, -0.86% Regal Entertainment RGC, -0.26% AMC Entertainment AMC, -3.25% Hasbro HAS, +0.76% and Mattel MAT, +0.83%

So if the new wave of “diverse” superheroes has caused the recent slump in comic-book sales growth, that’s a trend investors need to sit up and notice.

In the past few years, Disney’s Marvel Entertainment has rolled out an Afro-Latino Spider-Man, a Muslim Ms. Marvel, a female Thor, a gay Iceman, a Korean Hulk, an African-American female lead in Iron Man, and a lesbian Latina America Chavez. More.

Reality check: Right. And the kids ignored the dreadfully Correct SJWs and made up their own stories (or something) like kids used to.

Long before superheroes became a market force, kids just made up their own fantasies. And sales have slumped.

Nobody actually wants a diverse panel of superheroes. Most kids want a superhero with whom they can identify, someone that they wish they could be like. Sure, a Muslim boy might want a Muslim superhero, but not a girl Muslim hero…   Come on!

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