Bringing Santa into the polar bear canards

So if believing in Santa Claus is for children, well, then, so is believing in global warming. Such is the impression a Canadian government agency leaves in claiming Santa Claus has relocated to the South Pole.

This really happened. A Canadian government agency, Policy Horizons Canada, intent on dragging in politics to a sacred and children’s holiday. canardishly claimed that due to climate change, Santa Claus had moved to the South Pole.

If Santa moved it was because he hates Justin Trudeau.

  • Exile1981

    I saw this the other day and I was offended that at Christmas they would try and wreck a holiday and spoil it for children just to take the opportunity to inject politics into the day.

    This shows just how perverse the left is, they chose politics and their twisted ideology over children. It’s no better than the ‘childrens’ shows the fakestinians produce.

    • Alain

      It is pure indoctrination and they start it at the cradle and follow through to the grave.

  • ontario john

    He was probably tired of paying carbon taxes, or watching feminist Trudeau crying and apologizing all the time.

  • Gary

    It’s usually the NDP that exploits the Children to get what they want. But how odd that when a Correction Canada half-way Home was right by a playground . The convicted men were said to have had non-violent charges such as drugs and assaulting children as a sexual predator.
    Cheri DiNova , Peggy Nash and Gord Perks are in the NDP and have ignored any concerns by parents over these pedophiles.
    It’s not their children that will be victims because the Politicians live in a safe white area. The Liberals aren’t any better though because Gerrard Kennedy was the MP with his office on Dundas just North of the playground and Correction Canada building.

    The real crisis for Cheri DiNovo was getting the ‘ Off-Leash’ gated section for dog owners which was on the East side of the Park . That’s pretty well what Cheri is famous for other than he rants about 3 different groups having the highest poverty
    rates and exposure to bigotry in Housing.
    Hey Cheri…..if everyone has the highest poverty rates , than nobody has the highest poverty rates.
    Stop calling the # Rent-A-Victim Service to use in your next campaign as for the Highest poverty rates. What about the Chiiiiillllldren .

    • Shebel

      I Love Children.
      It just really Gauls me to see them —
      Used and Abused and Victimized by–

  • Andy

    Only to be expected from Canardian PM Trudeau’s Government of Canardia.

  • Linda1000
  • ECM

    I know about two dozen Canadians that would love to relocate out of Canada as Santa has apparently done–and that doesn’t include any of the commenters here.

  • JPfromtheeast

    At this point, even though it is Christmas… All I can say is…

    Get FUCKED Climate Barbie and PM SelfieSocks!!!