Why should Trump try to fire Mueller? Can’t Mueller just go on discrediting himself?

From Mark Steyn: on how the Mueller team investigating Trump consisted in great part of Democratic party operatives, which is no surprise, given that they are civil servants…

Reality check: A broader concern is that the Democrats are not acting like a traditional political party but rather like a bureaucracy’s insiders’ lobby. They are trying to bring Trump down using the Deep State, sounding as if they do not have a credible successor for the White House in 2020.

Maybe they don’t.

The echoes of Hilary’s whining, blaming, and shaming have only recently begun to die away. So I peek out to see who’s new on the block and … nobody, really. In a couple of weeks, it will be 2018 and I am still hearing the fading echoes of Hillary whining…

For a number of reasons, this is not good. If Dem voters really want to get rid of Trump, they had better wean themselves off the Russian Connection and field some credible alternatives. Unless they think that most voters hate Trump so much that they’d take just any sentient being in his place. Don’t bet on it. Things just aren’t that bad, folks.

See also: At The Hill: Do Trump’s critics seem increasingly unhinged? Yes, but the principal issue isn’t really Trump. It’s the fact that they cannot command a mass public meltdown, the way they had hoped.