UN ingrates

Anything happen this past Thursday? Nothing big…except that the United Nations discredited itself from now till doomsday, along with the entire news media.

At the General Assembly, 128 nations voted whoopee against the United States for its part in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Yes, they stabbed us in the back…even Germany. I mention Germany because when it comes to the United States, let alone Israel, you’d think they’d still be in a mood to atone.

Not when the chips are down.

  • zee

    Maybe what Justin needs, is some nice Star of David socks!

    • He’d be happier with crescent moon

      • mobuyus

        He’s already got those he wears them at ramadan.

  • Gary

    The media and Liberals in canada had attacked Trump as a tyrant the bully to use Money grants to force people to take his Political stance.

    Okay , so why the silence as Trudeau announced the 2018 Summer employment grants will be tied to his Political stance on supporting the LGBTQ2 community and be pro-abortion .


    • Watchman

      Because ‘Hypocracy’ is one of Justine’s core values.

    • Cat-astrophe

      I really do not like that Justin, not one bit.

      • Tooth&Claw

        I want to break his nose because kneeing him in the gonads is useless. His testicles are in Miss Piggy’s purse.

      • Maurice Miner

        He does not like Green eggs and Ham…

        Particularly the ham – it offends too many of his voting bloc…

  • Watchman

    The recent vote by UNESCO to ignore verifiable facts regarding the ongoing historical Jewish connection to Jerusalem and surrounding territory, and proclaim that Only Muslims have any connection is another example of the UN having outlived its usability.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Germany never really cut the ties Hitler made with the religion of Islam…..now did they….

  • J. C.

    “…from now till Doomsday…”

    So no long-term consequences for them, then…

  • Tooth&Claw

    Exactly my thoughts too. I’m not Jewish, but I agree with the author.
    Next step is to kick these UN parasites to Somalia or any other Islamic hell hole they favour.

    • Liberal Progressive

      There is too much US influence if the UN stays in New York so how about a nice European center of power like Belgium.

      I hear that the rents are still affordable in Molenbeek since they would need a lot of room for the United Nations.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Geneva is more likely, since the UN already has offices there.