Raped and murdered for ‘wearing a short skirt’

Police reveal what Uber driver told them after he was arrested over death of British diplomat in Beirut as sordid details life of his life emerge

  • BillyHW

    Dear white ladies, you don’t belong in third world countries. You also don’t belong in the voting booth. You should be thanking God for white Chritian males at least 5 times a day, instead of spending all your time trying to undermine them.

  • Ho Hum

    As much as I would like to blame this crime on Islam the suspect appears to be Christian ( 40% of Lebanon is Christian). In one of the pictures shown he is posing before a Christian shrine (Greek Orthodox? ) – in another he is drinking Vodka from a plastic cup.

    • Observer

      Ismaili Muslims are permitted to drink.

    • Watchman

      Those Christian families who have had to live there for over 1200 years have adopted the same behaviours as their Muslim masters. In many ways they have had to be as ruthless and as cunning in order that they survived; I’m sure that many less ruthless Christian families did not.

      Over time it is is possible that they can adopt modern morality, but that needs to be done away from the toxic culture of Islam which will be forever unable to adopt modern secular morality.

  • Jaedo Drax

    described as “worldly”, not worldly enough to know better than getting into a cab in a largely corrupt failed state, while alone.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Billy: Leave the ladies alone! They don’t cause the disease of assholeism. It’s caused by those with peckers to small to perform.