Quebec City police arrest suspect in connection with online threats against Muslims

Quebec City police (SPVQ) said they were informed about the comments, which appeared on a social media site, by the RCMP.

“In that message, there were incitements of hatred against the Muslim community,” SPVQ spokesperson Mélissa Cliche told CBC News.

  • Shebel

    NEVER- Insult Islam.
    Violence will follow.
    Our Politicians are soo Afraid.

    • Observer

      Our politicians are not afraid, they are willing collaborators who have prostituted themselves in return for votes.

  • Ho Hum

    Charged with “inciting hate”. Why should hate be illegal? Is it illegal to hate murderers? pedophiles? Muslims engender hatred with their beliefs and actions. They are taught in their mosques to hate us and hate everything that we believe in and hold dear – they even hate mans best friend – our beloved dogs! Islam = Fascism. Just as it is natural to hate the ideology and legacy of Fascism it is natural to feel enmity towards Islam and it’s adherents.

    I would like to know exactly what did this man post online. Did he encourage people to go out an kill muslims? If so that would cross the free speech line (that is not even legal in the U.S. under the 1st amend ) . I suspect he was just critical of muslim’s which the cops construe as “inciting hatred”.

    This is not the first time this has happened in Canada. Kevin J Johnston was recently arrested in Ontario (his arrest ordered by the Pakistani Muslim Attorney General of Ontario) for his criticism of M103 and Islamic prayers in public schools.

    My advice to this guy in Quebec would be to go public (which is contrary to what defense lawyers advise). He should go on Rebel media , I could even see Tucker Carlson covering this story since he has reported on Canada’s lack of free speech. If he goes public he could easily lots of money to hire a top notch defense lawyer.

    • Ho Hum

      Speaking of Muslim behavior that engenders hatred watch as Muslim Sharia police in India destroy “un-Islamic” western style flush toilets. According to Sharia law you are suppose to squat over an open cesspool to take a crap. This is how we will all be living when muslims take control of Canada

      • Watchman

        If Western style toilets could be used to kill non-Muslims they would be declared halal. Just like AK-47s and explosive belts are permitted even though they didn’t exist in the time of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

  • ontario john

    Islam is the only religion in Canada where you can actually be arrested for saying nasty things about. Praise Allah!!

  • Liberal Progressive

    That’s what he gets for criticizing Sharia Law.

    If you even whisper something privately that any Muslim reports they have overheard and has offended them, you deserve to be in jail until you pay reparations for the offense you have caused!

    • H

      Yes, we get to emulate Pakistan where a muslim who has any sort of a “issue” with a non-muslim (competition over a potential mate, a business competitor, they don’t like the way you glanced at them, etc) can simply shout “islamaphobia!” (as opposed to, they insulted the prophet – small “p”) – and off to jail you go (or at least get fined and harassed by the police and government – it WILL come to imprisonment at some point).

      • Observer

        Well that is what Canadian parliamentary motion M-103 is all about, installing such Sharia religious law into the civil Canadian Criminal Code or Human Rights laws.

  • andycanuck

    Are they sure SPVQ doesn’t stand for Society for the Prevention of Violence against the Quran?

  • LairdKintyre

    Probably wont be long before the M103 Gestapo come for us all.

  • Reader

    Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Threats? oh fucking boy…I’m half-fucking dead, and I could find the 3 little fucks who Clockwork Orange’d me in an alley,,, with a few H.S. yearbooks and few knocks on the doors in the neighbourhood they live in…fucking useless police forces….human garbage collectors is all they are, and protectors of crooked politicians..