Pronouns professor Jordan Peterson on the Lindsay Shepherd affair

The apology to Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd does not mean free speech is now flourishing in post-secondary institutions, outspoken Professor Jordan Peterson says.

The University of Toronto psychology professor, whose opinions on gender neutral pronouns provoked a fierce debate about social justice and free speech in universities, says the legislative framework that sparked the Shepherd affair remains in place.

  • From the article:

    “The universities are taking a lot of flak for these things – and fair
    enough, they deserve it… but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that
    legislators have actually demanded this of the universities,” Peterson


    Universities would not try what they did with Lindsay Shepherd if there was a reasonable of their getting away with it.

    • Alain


      • Note the shock that Shepherd’s detractors felt when caught.

  • Ed

    That “professor” who blithely assures the panel that gender is a totally contrived concept, and that he can “unpack” that historically, if they had time…

    Because he’s so scientifically literate… fucking idiot.

  • Gary

    I can tell you that almost every one of the Radio Talk shows I hear on 640 am is void of free speech unless you come on to bash Jews, Trump , USA, heterosexuals , non-Liberal PM’s , White people and a few other hated groups by the Leftist Progressive.
    About 4 months ago I sent my comment to the Host which they accept and mentioned on the show. Fine…..but I had agreed with them and gave my input .
    But each time i had a valid comment on the other side of there view it became ignored even when I used Historical facts .

    Now that Toronto is 51% non -white and over 50% non-Canadian background….my guess is that the Parent Corporation issues notices for what can be defended , or they pointed out the dangers for unpopular opinions because of the CRTC and Human Rights Commission.

    A bout two weeks back we had the Roy Moore issue for sexual assault allegation. This was a juicy topic for one Host because it tied in Trump and was finally a story to bash a Republican and non-Liberal during the series allegation to Liberals in Hollywood and in the Media .
    So I agreed with the Host and said we should condemn all sexual assaults …then I point out that Moore would have gotten along well with Bill Clinton since he didn’t become a Republican until 1993 that shows how ALL of the allegation are from when he was a Democrat . I then point out how HIS media outlet always tells us that we can’t blame the Imam of the mosque that a terrorist attended but somehow Trump is guilty for what Moore did as a democrat.

    That must have cut the Host down and blinded their logic because it was read on the radio during the recap as if it was a stupid comment……then came the big laugh when my email came for the unpopular AOL which I use for FREE stuff
    when they want an email acct so all the junk doesn’t go to my daily used accounts.
    Even during a round-table debate it seems like the most leftist radical can spew lies and allegation that go unchallenged. The NDP and Liberal Party can have supporters on to say what they want even when I know some comments are compete lies.

    Toronto is finished because John Tory can’t even keep up the charade anymore now that he installed Concrete barriers around the City Hall Square because of islam’s poison now in canada. The CUPE member that loved illegals and muslim refugees have now demanded a Metal detector at the Entrance to City Hall to stop jihadists with guns from getting in and they demanded bullet proof glass at the check points.
    Gee, what has changed since 1834 in Toronto where Canadians are suddenly wanting to use guns to kill other Christians or they want to use cars and trucks to run over them at City Hall’s large open square.
    Hmmmmm…can’t be the Open-Borders or the flood of people coming in that want us DEAD .

    • Uncommunist

      Thanks for the reality check. The left are insane.

    • Clausewitz

      Another once good radio station flushed down the toilet. These days I mostly listen too 930 WBEN Radio if I want some intelligent repartee.

      • Gary

        It’s sad that Sandy Beach and Tom Bauerle can say the Truth about Canada and take calls from Canada where people can say things that would never be allowed on Toronto’s Radio shows.
        I get my US news from 930 because our Liberal bias Trump haters skew the News to fuel more hatred for the USA. Many of the older radio Hosts hate Trudeau and can see how Justin wants Total control as a tyrant and is flooding canada with anti-USA pro-sharia muslims.

        The CBC and others can’t spew the BS if Toronto didn’t have so many ignorant peons that hate the USA and the jews . There are more people like me that saw how Justin’s dad appealed to hippies in the 1960’s by his promise to legalize Pot ….Justin dusted it off after 45 years to try it again just like Wynne dusted off Dalton’s promise to help children with Autism .
        2018 will be islamophobia and white-supremacy as part the the campaigns for Wynne and John Tory . The old Canada is dead while Toronto is about 8 years away from like Detroit .

        • Clausewitz

          So true Sir, so True.