On the bogus “banned words” at Centers for Disease Control

From Guy Benson at Townhall:

Revealed: Bogus ‘Trump Banned Words at the CDC’ Story Was Rooted in Suggested Guidelines From Liberal Bureaucrats

If you’re just joining this flap, here’s a short recap: Late last week, it was reported that Trump administration officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had sought to “ban” words they deemed to be controversial, including “transgender” and “fetus.” This sparked an immediate outcry, as Orwellian censorship rarely plays well with the American people. The Trump-hostile media were in full throat, pounding the table against this anti-science outrage. The original story (“forbidden words”) appeared in the Washington Post, then spread like wildfire.

Wildfire indeed, in a media world where no one bothers to check things out any longer.

The “banned” words were never banned, and were dreamed up as part of a list of suggested guidelines for budget documents by career (non-Trump-appointed) bureaucrats who were trying to avoid ‘triggering’ Congressional Republicans through the inclusion of those terms. So this entire freakout was based on comprehensively fake news — yet it’s virtually guaranteed that multiple days of dramatic news stories and breathless social media posts left a widespread and false impression on millions of news consumers. Many Americans do not trust the press for precisely this reason, and Trump-hostile journalists keep soiling their own reputations by reporting and repeating overwrought or totally inaccurate stories that happen to align with their pre-existing biases. More.

Reality check: Another Trumpmageddon gone kaflooey.  Doesn’t matter, bring on yet another one. The media meltdowns themselves will be taken as evidence that Trump must have done something wrong to upset these people so much.

Legacy mainstream media will do whatever they can to maintain a social power that they could not now remotely deserve. I’m predicting that they will start to sound even more unhinged and even less competent. Spectacular entertainment though.

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It’s not clear that ABC News’ dud Mike Flynn bombshell is a “mistake” exactly Media that have long since stopped trying to report the news as if they or their readers care much about facts will simply sacrifice the current goat (Brian Ross) and fetch up another one. Eventually, they must hope, one of these stories will click, bring down Trump, and pave the way for a post-media paradise where facts won’t matter and they can all be celebs and opinion leaders again.