Jodie Foster: ‘Pretty much every man over 30’ culpable for sexual misconduct cases

The Hollywood star who made Clarice Starling famous in 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs” told USA Today this week that almost every man above the age of 30 bears culpability for sexual misconduct in the world.

  • Barrington Minge

    Opinions.. Like arseholes, everybody has one!!!!

    • Watchman

      And we don’t want to see hers.

      • I have boycotted MS Foster for years.

        Why should I give money to someone who hates me.

  • Ed

    She means “white men.” Sexual harassment is an assertion of power over another, and as historic victims, people of colour are powerless.

    • Ed

      (I learned that at the intersection).

  • Ho Hum

    Jodie Foster is a dyke – naturally she hates men

  • Hard Little Machine

    So…no one age 14-29 has harassed anyone let alone committed a sex crime. Good to know. Empty all the prisons.

    • whitelikeme

      I too would like to understand her reference to the age of 30 and older as some magical boundary or specific demographic..

  • BStrang

    Of course all men over 30 also have a craving for liver, fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  • ECM

    Go **** yourself, Foster, or would that act also make me culpable, too?

  • Tweety58

    I’m sorry but I don’t accept malicious untrue criticism of my nature from perverted anorexic rugmunchers

  • ontario john

    We must remember that we have been told that Hollywood is the moral conscience of America.

  • Clink9

    Boy oh boy. Am I ever Mr. BORING!!!

    I gotta get out more.

  • whitelikeme

    She didn’t say that. Fake news.

    • Art Deco

      The headline does misrepresent what she said. I think compared to other Hollywood types, Foster’s rather inner-directed. She also has more g.

  • Robert J. Hoshowsky

    She is a disappointing hypocrite. A multi-millionaire, I remember reading about Foster not paying apprentices at her production company, Egg Pictures.

  • Malcolm Y

    She’s munched so many rugs the lint has gone to her brain.