Echoes by the CBC

Echoes is an interactive 3D experience through which users can navigate a data-driven expression of the Canadian mosaic.

Answer a short series of questions and the platform will calculate your position within a user-generated constellation of perspectives on Canada—one that is continuously evolving based on each new user that participates.

  • Ed

    “…Unless you explicitly consent to disclose your identity upon completing the questionnaire, your responses will remain anonymous….”

    And you can rely on this, because there’s no history of government computers being compromised…

  • simus1

    Hee. Hee.
    What a load of PC BS from the usual suspects.

  • Ho Hum

    I went through the lengthy survey and at the end was notified that my responses would be “moderated” . What a joke!

    • LairdKintyre

      I stopped commenting on CBC news stories several years ago once they demanded personal info of contributors. Also I was getting tired of having my comments deleted. Basically unless you towed the liberal Deep State line and bleated praises of the Liberals and Leftism in general they dumped your comments. I doubt 10 percent of Canada is on the same page as the CBC

  • Art Deco

    Being a Yank, my responses to most of the questions would be nonsensical in context. I’ve no opinions about the future of ‘my province’ because I haven’t got a province (other than Upstate New York). I grew up near the border, so the welfare of Canada is of personal concern to me, FWIW.

    What I didn’t care for about the questionnaire was that the continuation of Canada as is was assumed and the respondents were asked their thoughts and sentiments about subsidiary features of that.

    1. There was no opportunity to give voice to the view that the two components of Canada should be separate countries;

    2. or to the view that neither component of Canada should have a large immigration stream.

    3. And, of course, there were no questions about the abuse of political dissidents in Canada bar the one question about higher education officialdom.

    4. Not to mention no opportunity to give voice to support for freedom of contract and freedom of association in Canada.

    A line once attributed to a Soviet dissident to his interrogators ran thus: “You are the treason. You have taken a nation of men and turned it into a nation of sheep”. Some of us among Canada’s well wishers would hope you all get your mojo back. Right now, they seem like a collection of Francophones who get off on flashing their middle finger at everyone (especially what’s left of the Catholic Church) and a collection of Anglophones who are content to take orders from social workers and school administrators and lawyers. Stop being adolescents and stop being sheep.

  • LairdKintyre

    I checked it out. Aparently my views are closest to a 54 year old business manager in Alberta. Sounds about right. I backed out once I saw the info they wanted. I have no doubt the CBC is trolling for dissidents. Namely people who disagree with climate change, gender pronouns and supporting the Monarchy. The profile matcher made zero sense. Looked like a 3D map of the Milky Way.

    • Ho Hum

      I agree. The profile matcher made no sense to me. I’m not the smartest person around but I am not retarded and can usually figure this stuff out.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      They are getting ready to round us up and march us into gulags.

  • Dave

    And how much money is trudope blowing on this rubbish? Disgusting.

  • LairdKintyre

    Interesting how the poll even asked if you agreed with the basic tenets of Socialism. Like everyone earns the same, complete gender and racial representation irreardless of skill level. We are having Communism foisted on us