Critics Attack Hallmark’s Christmas Movies: ‘They Brim with White Heterosexuals’


Santa informs orphans that they’re racists.

While most Americans are gathering around the television for their annual binge of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, the left has been busy trashing the outlet for a too-white holiday lineup.

  • Tweety58

    White Heterosexuals

    MY kind of people !

  • Ed

    “…But Holmes was challenged by the NPR host: “This has now gotten political because the other thing about [Hallmark Christmas movies] is that they are predominantly white people playing these characters.”…

    WELL DUH! Black people do Kwanzaaaa. Why don’t we peek inside the Kwanzaaaaa industry and see how many white people figure in their movies?

  • Editor

    This is so trivial, it speaks to the utter insignificance of the likes of, and NPR. Talk about a first world problem. Adolescent attention seeking at it’s finest.

    • barryjr

      My wife gives you a thumbs up as well.

  • chayisun

    And I’m complaining about showing such racist shows as COPS and the latest one , LIVE PD NOW, which shows the arrest of mostly “non-white” criminals……I mean not criminals until proven so in a court of law…..with the occasional pale skinned one thrown in for good measure.

    Hallmark should show Christmas shows with muslims in the lead roles because one knows how muslims enjoy a good Christmas sing-a-long as they trash a church or two and spread Christmas cheer. AND, how about a Christmas show about “non-white” folk visiting a local beer store or 7/11 to pick up a few Christmas gifts. At gun point. Hearing them rap a tune or two about Christmas .

    Ah yes, too many white folk enjoying Christmas. Have to make them feel guilty about being, well, “special.” That said…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!! As the song says, I’m gonna put my feet in the water and my butt in the sand, I’m so happy with a cold beer in my hand………HO!!!HO!!!HO!!!

  • JoKeR

    The SJW’s and “transgenders” would prefer movies where Santa helps little children to graphically explore their “genderfluidity” and “queerness”.

  • vimy
  • Lusael Merlin

    Beats diversity

  • barryjr

    Oh well two days of living in a white heterosexual echo chamber, my wife has nothing but Christmas movies on and I know better than to try to change the channel.