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Swedenstan: Not a single asylum seeker fulfilled the job requirement

According to stricter asylum law from last year, permanent residence permits can be granted to immigrants who can provide themselves through work.

However from the 200 applications tested so far, no single immigrant has fulfilled the work requirements for such a claim.

Refugees directly flown from Libya to Italy in ‘historic’ first

A group of 162 “vulnerable” refugees were flown directly from Libya to Italy on Friday for the first time, a day hailed as “historic” by Interior Minister Marco Minniti.

“For the first time a humanitarian corridor has been opened from Libya to Europe. It’s a start,” Minniti said, adding: “Today is a historic day.”

Christie Blatchford: Pay raise for women at Wilfrid Laurier creates new inequity — for men

A pay hike for female faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University, made in the name of all that is sacred — fairness for women — has created a brand new wage inequity.

In the small finance group at the university’s business and economics school, for instance, the two women who were hired at the same time as male colleagues and paid the same, received a raise of about $6,000 each, leaving the 13 men far behind. That hike is much larger than the typical increase for merit pay.

Church allowed to remove pews to allow Muslim events – after court challenge over plans

St Thomas Werneth in Oldham has been given the green light to remove the pews so it is able to hold more events within the wider community.

In a ruling last month, Geoffrey Tattersall QC said the church would be allowed to remove the pews as the proposals would have “major public benefit outweighing any harm resulting from the loss of the pews”.

The area, which is close to Manchester, has an 88 per cent non White-British population.

Police probe video of Muslim girl beaten gang-style in Florida (DISTURBING)

A 14-year-old Muslim girl was violently beaten by her schoolmates in Florida. A video of the attack was posted by her father, who said the girl was bullied over her religion. Police have launched a probe into the attack.

The video was posted on Facebook by the girl’s father on Friday. Shakeel Munshi says that his daughter, a 9th grade student, was repeatedly bullied by several girls at West Boca High School in the city of Boca Raton, Florida “because she was Muslim.” She “decided to get this over [with]” and talk to the offenders. However, she was “beaten badly by [a] gang of girls” on Thursday, he said.

  • tom_billesley

    The new masterplan: German ministers want to bribe authorities of municipalities in poorer countries of the EU to take migrants off German hands.

  • White Red State✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ
  • tom_billesley

    Trudeau admires China for its “basic dictatorship”
    The Chinese army crackdown on the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests killed at least 10,000 people, according to newly-released UK documents.
    The figure was given in a secret diplomatic cable from then British ambassador to China, Alan Donald.
    “APCs then ran over bodies time and time again to make ‘pie’ and remains collected by bulldozer. “Remains incinerated and then hosed down drains.”

    • Watchman

      Canadians should eat carcinogenic asbestos to make Trudeau’s job in the future much harder when they try to burn your crushed body. /sarc

  • ontario john

    The New York Times and CNN wish you a Merry Christmas with the biggest fake news story of the year. Well planned timing at Trump’s tax cut signing and Christmas when everyone is home, to come up with a story that Trump said nasty things about Haitians and Nigerians. Even though highly respected cabinet secretaries like Tillerson, General McMaster, General Kelly, and others say it never happened. But hey, those guys must be lying because a newspaper said it is true.

  • ontario john

    The Sunday Toronto Star reminds us that Christmas is all about muslim refugees. It also has a story that Christmas is about Palestinians, global warming, and how evil Trump is. And of course Michael Coren gives us a heart warming story that Christmas is about homosexual sex, Trump is evil, and evangelical Christians are evil. Merry Christmas from the Toronto Star.

  • Liberal Progressive

    There is supposed to be 700,000 refugees who have paid to go to Europe but were abandoned in Libya and are stuck there.

    i am sure Justin will offer to take them all.

  • Literally Hitler
  • ontario john

    The Toronto Sun has a diverse and pathetic editorial today, stating that all religions share the same message this Christmas. They even include Islam and a passage from the Koran. Funny, it seems like most other religions are persecuting Christians this time of year, and why didn’t they include the Islamic scripture verse to kill the filthy Jews and infidels. .