Antifa protester wiped out by truck at ‘March for Jesus’ in Portland

A counter-protest in Portland staged against an event called ‘March for Jesus’ did not end well for one participant, who was hit by a pickup truck while running across the road.

  • Maurice Miner

    God works in mysterious ways!

    Merry Christmas, BCFers!

  • Blacksmith

    Poor truck, gonna take a miracle to get the antifa funk off of that……

  • Alain

    Gee, I do hope the truck did not sustain any damage, but still it will need a good wash to remove the shit stain.

  • Brett_McS

    The bollards do nothing!

  • QiPo

    They manage to fail in so many ways both great and small. Guess this Road Pizza Warrior needs to repeat 2nd grade. Yes, I know that means going back to the best 4-5 years of its life, but it may be a last chance to learn how to cross a street. Why did the fascist (antifa) cross the road? C’mon catfurs!

  • The idiot ran onto the road.

    Wow …

    • Observer

      And those two antifas were running across the road to attack the Christian, so I have no sympathy for the one that got hit.

      • It is called karma and it’s like being hit by a truck.

        Oh, wait …

    • Gary

      The hood didn’t help her vision any . Maybe this is a good thing to show them what can happen when you are myopic and don’t see the whole picture.
      That Cross she hate will be on the EMS Truck and the Hospital.

  • Watchman

    From watching this video I’ve just discovered after all these years that Sweden is a white supremicist country that accepts hundreds of thousands of violent non whites, because of this white supremacy.

  • robins111

    Naturally Antifa started lie tweeting that the idiot was pushed by the evil christians into the path of the truck.

    • This proves God exists.

      • seaoh

        too bad the antifa idiot doesn’t have a God to pray to for pain relief

  • Gary

    Looks like that mask will be useless in the ER as well as how this tranny will have to prove who they are for the Medical records.
    Hope the Truck wasn’t an Automatic that got damage by the sudden impact because the News will have ANTIFA claiming that 2 tranny’s harmed at White supremacy rally.

  • Millie_Woods

    He moves in mysterious ways.

  • Exile1981

    the red truck is very christmas-y

    • JoKeR

      And who was that jolly fat man with the white beard driving it? 🙂

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Jesus take the wheel.

  • deimos19

    I didn’t notice any scratches or dents on the truck. That’s good, I was worried about damage.

  • deimos19

    I don’t care if it
    Rains or freezes
    As long as I’ve got my
    Plastic Jesus
    Ridin’ on the dashboard
    Of my car
    Through my trials
    And tribulations
    And my travels
    Through the nation
    With my plastic Jesus
    I’ll go far
    Ridin’ down the thoroughfare
    With a nose up in the air
    A wreck may be ahead
    But he don’t mind
    Trouble comin’
    He don’t see
    He just keeps his eye on me
    And any other thing that lies behind
    With my plastic Jesus
    Goodbye and I’ll go far
    I said with my plastic Jesus
    Sitting on the dashboard of my car
    When I’m in a traffic jam
    He don’t care if I say damn
    I can let all my curses roll
    ‘Cause Jesus’ plastic doesn’t hear
    ‘Cause he has a plastic ear
    The man who invented plastic
    Saved my soul
    With my plastic Jesus
    Goodbye and I’ll go far
    I said with my plastic Jesus
    Sitting on…

    Billy Idol