Wynne lies about ‘Rising tide of Islamophobia and racism’ at Muslim convention in pathetic display of divisive identity politics

The Muslim community has had a challenging year with rising Islamophobia in Canada and the world, Premier Kathleen Wynne told the 2017 Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference.

The year 2017 included a violent rampage at a Quebec mosque, and legislation in that province that would bar women who choose to cover their faces from accessing public services, she said.

“Violence is the worst consequence of the rising tide of Islamophobia and racism in Canada and around the world,” Wynne said to applause. “But what happened in Quebec was not an isolated incident. Police statistics tell us that anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise.”

“…Police statistics tell us that anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise.”

Wynne’s claim is Absolutely False – “According to Statistics Canada data released Tuesday, police across the country recorded 139 hate crimes against Muslims in 2016, down from 159 in 2015.”

  • CodexCoder

    Kathleen Wynne, lying? Say it isn’t so! If reality bit her on the behind, she would dismiss it as a fantasy. Liberals playing identity politics? Standard operating procedure. The problem is convincing the twits that voted her in last time that they made a colossal mistake and even today, there are some who will rise in her defense.

    • Unfortunately sanity is out weighed by corruption in Ontario, if the parasite public service unions and their allied rent seekers want her reelected it will happen, or else they will choose a new stooge. Patrick Brown is just such a stooge.

    • “Violence is the worst consequence of the rising tide of Islamophobia and racism in Canada and around the world,” Wynne said.

      Of course she is too stupid to understand the reality of her own statement – “around the world.”

      Why “around the world”?

      That’s simple.

      Muslims do the same crap everywhere – literally “around the world”.

      But this is too much for a “progressive” to understand.

      • Lightstream

        Her stupidity almost rivals Trudeau’s.

  • Clink9

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  • ontario john

    Islamophobia is running rampant in Ontario!!! Nazis are rampant in Ontario!! WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!! On a minor note, whatever happened about that church in Hamilton that was set afire and muslim rants wrote on it.

  • Old Guy

    How long before people are arrested and prosecuted for posting stuff like this?

    Robert Spencer on the ‘Islamophobia’ Lie

  • ontario john

    The lesbian twit is to stunned to realize that the muslim men listening to her, are probably thinking to themselves how to execute her when Islam takes over Canada.

  • JoKeR
  • WalterBannon

    when are the real Muslims going to throw that lesbian off a roof?

    clearly all the Muslims who she associates with are apostates and they probably also blaspheme the prophet Mohammad. Allah curses those dogs.

  • John the Mad

    Rising tide of Islamophobia? In Canada? With only 139 incidents (most involving graffiti) out of a population of 35 million? Why at this declining rate I estimate the rising tidal hate of Canadians will wash away the Muslim population in about 42 zillion years.

    In fact, the Statistics Canada chart and other evidence merely shows how extraordinarily tolerant Canucks are in the face of demonstrated, increasing and repetitive terrorist horrors undertaken in Canada and around the globe in the name of Islam.

  • bargogx1

    Anyone But Wynne. The Liberal deathgrip on Ontario must be broken.

  • Votes, people.

    This is what desperation looks like.