Vicar condemns ‘blasphemous’ Domino’s Pizza deal

A vicar has accused Domino’s of sending him a “blasphemous” pizza advert to display at his church in the West Midlands during Christmas.

Rev Toby Crow claimed he received a giant glossy poster promoting the delivery chain’s ‘Saviour deal’, which offers customers up to half price on their order.

I could not care less about the ad to be honest but do find it odd that the Domino’s marketing dept. sent the Vicar a poster hoping he would hang it in the church. That’s tone deaf.

  • Even bad advertising is advertising.

    What’s the beef?

    Especially free!

    • I think it strange that Domino’s expected the Vicar to hang the poster in his church

      • Sean in NYC

        Question: is it unusual to hang advertising posters in parts of a church in rural England? For all I know, churches may offer that type of service. It seems unlikely that anyone would send out random $5-10 advertising posters without advance knowledge.

  • J. C.

    No problem with homos, political correctness, or Islamic encroachment, but a little tasteless wordplay in a pizza ad and suddenly he’s offended… *facepalm* 🙁

    • Frances

      How did you determine his moral stance on those other issues? His denomination might not even be C of E – their churches are almost invariably named after saints. Their home page says: “We aim to be Bible-focused, Jesus-centred, Spirit-led.”; that doesn’t sound like a “progressive” parish.

      • J. C.

        My apologies, I was simply referencing church leaders in general. Maybe this specific guy is one of the few decent ones left, but it seems to me that they’ve all caved to PC thought in recent years…

      • Alain

        Good point, but still with the situation of Christianity throughout the country, I think there are a whole lot of better examples of actual biaspheny than this.

        • Frances

          True, but Christians who do push back against the new orthodoxy of PC and progressive thought risk being “nailed to the cross” – witness the plight Christian bakers who are targeted by gay activists (after all, what says “I love you” more than persecuting an unwilling baker and – with a bit of luck – getting him fined enough to pay for the nuptials).