@OmarAlghabra and his Saudi relations…

The Liberal Party of Canada is riddled with Islamists.

  • Nice photo of a group of religious death cult members.

    • The Liberals are an evil bunch.

      • Linda1000

        And dangerous. How many more Canadians will be killed because of muslim attacks? So far, we just had a little warm-up prelude.

        • barryjr

          To answer your question, if we would just follow our great leaders example and submit to the superior way of life as Mo has tried to teach us none. The whole reason for all the violent actions in west is the unwillingness of the bigoted rightwing extremists to accept their rightful place as scapegoats for all of the problems on earth and all the world’s problems will be solved if we just accept our ordained positions as dhimmi and embraced the pedophile death cult.

        • clownloach

          Because Justin has turned Canada into a dhimmi nation Canada maybe somewhat spared maybe hopefully from Islamic attacks and will eventually just be used as a spring board to get at the States perhaps.

    • Gary

      Also looks like a NAMBLA meeting .

  • bob e

    Can’t ask for better leadership .. EH ?? ..

  • If these guys were Stephen Harper and had met Pope Francis, the CBC et al would be screaming Vatican influence.

    Guarantee it.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Well if she wants the Canadian government to stand up for her husband on human rights grounds then she should be giving millions of dollars to the Trudeau Foundation too!

    • Tooth&Claw

      At least she now understands Liberals don’t give a flying,flatulent, explosion about Raif Badawi. She’s on her own.

  • Dave In Guelph

    I fear there is a very tiny brain floating in that giant Somalian skull.

    • clownloach

      The desired result of the breeding program.

  • Gary

    No shock the Ahmad Hussen is buddies with wife-beating pedophiles. He wants FGM to be made legal in canada .