NOT (cough!) their finest hour: Biopic of cigar-chomping Churchill carries ludicrous health warning… on danger of secondhand smoke

It’s impossible to think of Winston Churchill without a cigar.

Yet the makers of a new biopic of the wartime leader have still deemed it necessary to warn film-goers that ‘the depictions of tobacco smoking are based solely on artistic consideration’.

The ludicrous health alert comes in the final credits of Darkest Hour, in which Gary Oldman has been acclaimed by critics for his performance as the former Prime Minister.

  • DMB
  • andycanuck

    I always loved Gary Oldman. It cracks me up whenever he says, “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” I hear he does a great job in this film.

  • Yaacov ben Moshe

    Hollywood is filled with conceited fools who have an absurdly inflated idea of their own importance. Ever since Tipper Gore and her moron husband tried to ramp up the new puritan censorship, they are paranoid- not about what harm they might do, mind you, but just that they will lose “creative control”. They are all about propaganda, really. I can remember a time when it was possible go to a film and not be lectured about how human beings are destroying the earth, the rapaciousness of the US government, the futility of life and the evils of smoking. Now, there are so many films that seem not to be able to have violence with a purpose or sexual tension with real passion and meaning. A lot of it is cheap thrills and vacuous action. Now that the Metoo thing is rolling down hill at us, expect to see apologies for fanny pinching and body shaming. I want to see this movie, as I have always greatly admired Churchill. I just hope they have not sullied him any more than this.

  • Linda1000

    This is O/T but related to smoking. Gotta watch those sneaky seniors, I tell yah.

  • Marius K

    Did they miss artistic consideration for alcohol drinking?

  • tom_billesley

    Missing cigar replaced on Mayfair sculpture of Churchill and Roosevelt on a bench.