ISIS has over 10,000 fighters in Afghanistan, more arriving from Syria & Iraq – Moscow

The terrorist group Islamic State has over 10,000 loyal fighters in Afghanistan, and Moscow believes the US may be underestimating their threat, Russia’s special envoy says.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) was pushed out of their home base in Syria and Iraq this year by separate military operations of a US-led coalition, and the Syrian Army backed by Russia. Many of the IS fighters who fled those countries ended up in Afghanistan, where the terrorist group has as many as 10,000 troops at the moment, Zamir Kabulov, the head of the Middle East department in the Russian Foreign Ministry, said.

I believe the wisest course of action is to declare Afghanistan a terrorist state and be done with it.

  • greenface

    Air America!

  • DMB

    There is an easy way to destroy them. What is needed is several crop dusters to fly over Afghanistan filled with VX nerve agent and the problem will be dealt with. They are no different than cock roaches that needs bug spray to be eliminated.

  • Let them concentrate themselves in Afghanistan. It is much easier to kill them in a piile than one at a time.

  • WalterBannon

    I believe the wisest course of action is to declare Afghanistan a terrorist state and blanket it with nerve gas…

  • Cat-astrophe

    We in Canada want them! (Apparently)

  • Lightstream

    Afghanistan is a lost cause. No western country should waste their soldiers lives in that country.

  • ntt1

    quarantine and destroy all infrastructure remove the ability to wage war.

  • Man_with_Hat

    Trump has closed the door, others haven’t. If he announced a withdrawal of all forces and advised his allies to do the same many doors might slam, even turdoooooos. Moscow discovered them and they are on their doorstep, it must be their turn again. 🙂