Asylum seekers will have to hand over cash and phones, Austria’s new coalition says

Asylum seekers in Austria will have to hand over their mobile phones and money as part of an asylum application, Austria’s new conservative and far-Right coalition announced.

Under the plan unveiled after the two parties were sworn in yesterday, Austria will seek to stop illegal immigration and ensure that people whose asylum claims are rejected are quickly deported. Asylum is “temporary protection” only, the policy states.

The money seized by authorities will apparently be used to cover basic care costs, while mobile phone data will be trawled through to clarify identities, the coalition said.

  • tom_billesley

    “to clarify identities” …. is an interesting way to put it.

    • Watchman

      The next stage for Apple in iPhone owner identification after fingerprint recognition and now face recognition might be retinal scans and then later DNA testing. /sarc

      Makes you wonder what the Austrian authorities will do if they find a bunch of beheading videos on someone’s phone and the owner of the phone claims that these were the last videos of victim family members and they couldn’t delete these treasured final videos. I think the authorities would be scanning the phones for war crime home videos as well as copies of the phone owners iSIS membership papers as well as other indications of them not being legitimate refugees: “You say you’re Syrian, but all your contacts, photos and addresses of friends and relatives are in Pakistan. You seem to speak no Arabic and only Urdu. How can you possibly prove to me that you are a Syrian refugee and not a Pakistani economic migrant?”

  • Ego

    Waiting for the UN to pass another meaningless resolution, this time against Austria’s “Islamophobia” (i.e. rational fear of well-documented Islamic violence).

  • Maggat

    Good on the Aussies, get them pissed of and they take action. As opposed to us Canadians, our feckless gov’t will just keep on bringing invaders in, willy nilly.