American bureaucrats think PM Useful Idiot’s SJW agenda will derail NAFTA

…But many Americans are concerned that NAFTA might well wither and die in the next few months — and they are not placing the blame on Trump but on Trudeau, whom they say is not trying too hard to reach an agreement — despite all the appearances.

Speaking with Brian Pomper, the executive director of the U.S.-based Action for Trade that is actively promoting NAFTA, I was struck by how many Americans thinks Canada and the U.S. both have a hidden agenda with the free trade talks. He’s not very hopeful that those talks will be successful.

“Personally, I’m a glass half-empty kind of guy; so I think it’s likely we’ll see a NAFTA withdrawal,” he said.

Trudeau of course has a personal agenda that he has insisted upon making part of NAFTA: it’s a social covenant of sorts that insists upon enshrining a commitment to fight climate change, ensure gender equality and guarantee labor rights into NAFTA itself. It hasn’t gone over well — anymore than it did with the Chinese when Trudeau found out they didn’t want to mix trade and social policy either.