Accused Muslim rampage driver whose wife is pregnant with their 2nd child lives in public housing

The accused Melbourne rampage driver is a father-of-one with a second child on the way.

Saeed Noori allegedly mowed down shoppers with his white Suzuki Vitara outside Flinder’s Street Station on Thursday afternoon, injuring 18 people and leaving three still fighting for life.

Noori, who was charged with 18 counts of attempted murder and one count of conduct endangering life, has been described as a ‘very beautiful son’ by his mother.

The Afghan refugee, who is one of seven children, lives in public housing in a two-bedroom house in Heidelberg West that The Age reported as being less than a year old.

  • ontario john

    But please remember, it has nothing to do with Islam. Diversity is our strength.

  • So Australia pays jihadis to mow down Australians.

    Sounds like a progressive program.

  • Editor

    Of course he is.

  • Dana Garcia

    What difference does the allahbot’s family situation make? The government pays for supporting the wife and kid already.

    • The government should not be in the business of “supporting the wife and kid already.”

      Let alone the jihadi!

      • Dana Garcia

        The government should not be in the business of importing historic enemies of western civilization for starters.

  • Observer

    But it’s not attempted murder when it is done by a Muslim against Infidels!

  • Alain

    In nature most parasites do not seek to kill their host, since it would result in their own demise, but Muslims are a very different kind of parasite.

  • BillyHW

    Women voted for the welfare state.

  • simus1

    Corruption in the allocation of public housing? Doesn’t seem possible.

  • mauser 98

    Justine..”we’ll take them”

    • Shebel

      At one time—I thought that Justin was Smart.
      At another time –I thought that Justin was Stupid.
      Now—I know that Justin is just DELUSIONAL.

  • Shebel

    When a Muslim is Devout—
    They KILL.
    When a Muslim realizes Islam is a Farce.
    They KILL.