Will the Return of ‘Jihad’ to Intelligence Trump Decades of Indoctrination?

President Donald Trump’s new national security strategy is set to feature the return words relevant to understanding Islamic terrorism — such as “jihad” — that had been expunged from the Intelligence and Defense communities’ lexicon, most notably under the Obama administration.

According to the new strategy document, “The primary transnational threats Americans face are from jihadist terrorists and transnational criminal organizations.” The document also vows to “pursue threats to their source, so that jihadist terrorists are stopped before they ever reach our borders.”

This is significant on several levels — the first being as basic as “knowing one’s enemy,” which former President Barack Obama had refused to do.

  • Brett_McS

    Hopefully, they will welcome Robert Spencer back to teach the security services about the nature of the threat. Knowing the motivation behind a threat is a key to countering it.

  • Watchman

    No. The Department of State has been fervent orientalists for decades. I used to think it was because of the US’s absolute dependence on Middle Eastern oil but now I’m not so sure.

    • Leftist group think at the State department needs broken up with new people with fresh ideas.

      Thanks to the US oil industry, we do not need ME oil. We should get the hell out of that part of the world. Let the Chinese, and others do their best to keep the oil flowing. Too bad if they can’t.

      • Watchman

        I think the USA should still buy ME oil, especially if they aren’t dependent on it. They should employ gunboat diplomacy instead of ‘nation-building’ aid though. The recent purges in Saudi Arabia is because of the low price of oil (apparent $70 per barrel is the magic number) causing the Saudi royal family to lose money as they keep the Saudi people from revolution with extensive subsidies that they threaten to cut to keep the masses in line.

        • Let the Saudis and all the others cook in their own jihad.

          It’s hard to live in a cesspool and not stink like crap.

  • You must first know your enemy.

    Islamic theology is the root cause of Islamic jihad.

    Deal with Islamic theology or expect continuation of the past 1,400 years.

    And – yes it can be reformed.
    Arrest the mullahs.
    Close all mosques.
    Confiscate all jihad monies.
    No azzan.
    No Islamic dress in public.

    That will start the process.