UK: Schools’ halal meat ban halted by Muslim legal challenge

A move to ban unstunned halal meat across schools in Lancashire has been halted after Muslim leaders raised concerns it would create community tensions.

Lancashire County Council made the decision to stop using the meat in 27 council-run schools in October, saying it was “cruel” not to stun animals before slaughter.

  • Gary

    Ah yes … tensions .
    We’re the Master-Race blessed by allah and destine to rule the Earth …so you filthy infidels better give us what we want and help spread sharia or we will KILL you.

  • simus1

    Strict halal in British schools is just muslim fanatics playing games. What is much more interesting is this “co-parenting” leftwing fascination with feeding the children.

    • Gary

      Did you notice in the TDSB how teachers now push all the popular agendas for LGBTQ2 GSA causes in the guise of a Co-Parenting .
      But in July these Co-Parents got that 15 year old Jeremiah Perry from C W Jeffreys school killed on a trip when he drowned from their negligence. After all of their Paper-work and Checks to hold parents responsible for letting the child go on the trip…..that same Paper work was IGNORED by a Co-Parent to let Perry join in a canoe trip when he could not swim according to the Co-Parents rules and Document that exempt him was water sports.
      Well well well ….. the TDSB was quick to comment to the media over this tragic event where we will see the conditions that cause this.
      Fine , but once the evidence came out of a TDSB guilt by their Co-Parents where the Father DIDN’T declare his son a swimmer and marked the Form clearly which these OVER-PAID sjw’s that ignored reviewing their own Forms the demand.
      The TDSB circled the wagons and stop talking to the media will they now had a narrative the infer the father was at fault.

      If these teachers can get your child killed from their useless policies they don’t even follow and won’t do a day in jail……then it’s time to pull kids from the Public schools that are dangerous on top of the worse risks for a pedophile than the church was.
      Schools have been covering up teachers that prey on students as well as moving them to another school. The TDSB policy is make a Police call as the LAST resort for any sexual predator teacher .

  • One more step down the slippery slope.

    Good by UK.