Trudeau should repay $200K to taxpayers for trip to Aga Khan’s private island: opposition

OTTAWA — Opposition parties are demanding that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repay taxpayers for all or part of the transportation and security costs for a Christmas vacation to the Aga Khan’s private Bahamian island last year — which left taxpayers on the hook for more than $200,000.

Trudeau owes it to Canadians to foot the bill after Dawson found the prime minister violated four different provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act when he and members of his family accepted the trip last December, Conservative ethics critic Peter Kent said Thursday.

PM Useful Idiot took a bribe, he then payed back that bribe by giving the Mohammedan conman millions of our dollars. Why isn’t he in jail?

  • CodexCoder

    Nothing will happen. The elite, as has happened in history before (Liberals in Adscam), will suffer no consequences, and the masses are bilked again. I wish it were different this time, but it won’t be.

    • David Murrell

      Oops! My longer post on this thread was supposed to be a reply to your post. Merry Christmas!

    • Watchman

      The other side of politics is watching and working out how far they can ride their own gravy trains before they have to stop.

  • ontario john

    He just has to buy some more funny socks, and the morons in this country will forgive him.

  • David Murrell

    Recall the Godfather I movie, with the Duvall, Caan and Pacino characters plotting the revenge murder of a mafia chief and a police chief. The Pacino character blurts out “We have newspaper reporters on our payroll, don”t we?”. Then after the murders the movie shows a montage of news headlines grinding out out the Cordeione line.

    The same thing will happen here. The big corporate media will play this scandal down after Christmas. Justin Trudeau is a celebrity leader after all, and the putrid fawning of the broadcast media will continue on and on, ad nauseum.

  • Cat-astrophe

    The opposition should go right for the juggler. (spelling purposely incorrect)
    We should not have a clown as our leader.

  • BallsOfSteel

    ” PM Useful Idiot took a bribe, he then payed back that bribe by
    giving the Mohammedan conman millions of our dollars. Why isn’t he in
    jail? ”

    To sum it up in two words – Human Mind. That means, a silver-tongue, charisma and narcissism, witch a sprinkle of psychopathy and sociopathy to top it off. I know, I know… Not so easy to “see” and identify, right? I know. But it’s there. And people swallow it. That is why you – the reader – are among the very few who “get it”.

    The rest… well. Very asleep, and happily so. It takes real balls to make a change, and I don’t see many balls being thrown these days…

    • You over-estimate the gaffe-prone Trudeau.

      It’s more like that the ovine masses might forget.

      Let’s see that they don’t forget.

  • Linda1000

    Oh, well good luck with getting Justine to pay for anything. We can always hope this will happen on his “escape” from Ottawa this January.

    • WildWelshWoman

      My Christmas wish for Justin is that he joins his father.

      • Clausewitz

        Or his brother.

        • WildWelshWoman

          I would imagine that his brother is in a different place to his father…

  • Yeah, fat chance of that happening.

  • Observer

    But Justin is counting on the Aga Khan’ people to do what they have historically done when hired, this time on behalf of the Liberal Party.

  • BillyHW

    To answer your question he isn’t in jail because women are allowed to vote.

  • Watchman

    “Why isn’t he in jail?”
    Socks. Pretty socks. That is why.