The myth of implicit racism

Explicit racial prejudice is declining in most Western countries. But there are still some racial discrepancies in outcomes in areas like employment, education and housing. In recent times, anti-racists have argued that these remaining inequalities are caused by implicit racial prejudice, or bias, among ordinary people. That claim, however, seems to be unravelling.

  • Liberal Progressive

    The only way to stop systemic racism is to ban white people from getting jobs, housing and education!

    • mobuyus

      Roving implied bias patrols could help in eliminating this systemic racism.

    • Mathematicians, scientists, and engineers couldn’t care less about any of this.

      Social “scientists” and the grievance industry care a lot about all of this.

      Who is the bigot?

  • Clausewitz
  • Ed

    “…The theory of implicit bias has become central to anti-racist political discourse…”

    Right, because the “party of science” will do anything to avoid science when it comes to acknowledging IQ and outcomes.