Obama’s Collusion With Hezbollah Narco-Terrorists

By the summer of 2015, the Obama administration was in a panic. Obama’s foreign policy was marked by abject failure. The Russian re-set went disastrously wrong and the same could be said for the Arab re-set.

America’s lead from behind attitude in Libya and its support for anti-Qaddafi insurgents produced a base of operations for al-Qaida. In Syria, an American leadership vacuum allowed the Russians to slip right in and assume a dominant regional role. In Iraq, the early departure of American forces resulted in half the country being overrun by the Islamic State while the other half was subsumed by the Islamic Republic.

  • So, he isn’t in an orange jumpsuit because …?

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      I’m praying that someone sends this bastard to prison!

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      He is POS and yes he needs to perp walked to prison.

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    I’m going to have to watch Trump’s first visit to the White House as President-Elect again to get the taste out of my mouth.