Nikki Haley Nailed It – President Trump, Make the UN Pay

For decades, the United Nations has spit in the face of the United States. The demonization of the Jewish state – modern antisemitism – has been one of many UN policy priorities totally antithetical to American values and interests.

The General Assembly vote on December 21 condemning President Donald Trump’s implementation of American law recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel ought to be the last time America takes it lying down.

  • deplorabledave

    Wasn’t that long ago that Pali women were complaining that the IDF was not raping them so racist. This nappy headed ho should consider herself lucky but she’s too fucked in the head to appreciate her luck.

  • Ho Hum

    Haley likes to upstage Trump with her theatrics at the UN every chance she gets. Trump made a mistake when he appointed this neocon whore. I would bet she will challenge him in 2020 and she will have a good chance since she is the darling of the D.C. establishment that includes the MIC.

    This tough talk is just that. The U.S. is not going to cut-off aid to countries that did not support the U.S. in this vote. Ukraine did not support the U.S. but you can be sure the U.S. will continue to pore $100’s of Millions into Ukraine to support its proxy war with Russia. Egypt and Jordan didn’t support the U.S. either but I doubt they have to worry about getting cut-off from U.S. funding.

    • Alain

      Well, it is indeed unfortunate if this does not result in action. There is no logical reason to provide any aid to those countries; in fact there is no logical reason for foreign aid full stop. Are you certain about Ukraine, because I think I read elsewhere it was one of other Eastern European countries that abstained, which while disappointing is still not a yes vote.

      • Ho Hum

        Yes it abstained which is really the same as a no. After all the support the current leader of Ukraine received from the U.S. (they put him in office) you think Ukraine would vote yes as a show of support

        • Alain

          I agree and the same applies to the other Eastern European countries that abstained. The same goes for Canada that abstained, although it is not surprising considering the Liberals’ hatred of Jews and especially the sole Jewish state.

          • Linda1000

            Why wouldn’t they support the U.S. – is it because they have to vote the way the EU dictates?

          • Alain

            I don’t know. Of course there would have been EU pressure, but they have ignored the EU pressure to open their borders to millions of invaders so that reason does not hold. I hate to mention it, but these countries along with Russia also have a long history of anti-Semitism well prior to WW II. Still, I do not know if that played a part either.

    • Linda1000

      I disagree and she seems to be doing a fine job as the U.S. Ambassador. Haley has a decent political track record as the first female Governor of South Carolina and was hugely popular in the state. She is better than Samantha Powers appointed by Ozero.

  • Gary

    The arabs don’t have the House Negro in power any more. Tarek Fatah once opined about what arabs really think about Obama and blacks .

  • gaylordponce

    Yeah, and our PM doesn’t have the balls to make a stand. I swear he’s a fucking girl.

  • Ho Hum

    Israel’s leading paper Haaretz doesn’t think it was very smart for Haley and Trump to threaten retribution:

    “The problem is that that the latest vote wasn’t aimed at Israel or its policies in Jerusalem, but at Trump’s policies and his personal behavior. The president’s threat to cut off foreign aid to countries that would not support Washington, undiplomatically repeated by Ambassador Nikki Haley on Thursday from the General Assembly podium, ensured that an otherwise routine anti-Israel vote would also be seen as a personal repudiation of Trump and not simply a denunciation of his policies. Trump and Haley ensured that what would have been a routine slap on the wrist for Israel transformed into a stinging slap in the face for Trump.”

    read more:

    • Alain

      Haaretz, you have got to be kidding. That is the Israeli equivalent of the Guardian or the NYT.

  • Don’t threaten. Just do it.

  • Clausewitz

    The UN needs the US, the US does not need the UN.