Left-Wing Politician Bemoans Lack of Police Action Against Migrant Criminals

Left-wing Green Party politician Peter Seifert has complained of a lack of action by German police against migrant criminals, increasing the popularity of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

In a letter to a local newspaper, Seifert, who serves on the city council in Balingen, wrote a personal account of his experiences with a violent drunken asylum seeker, Die Welt reports.

Seifert said he was forced to call the police because the migrant was “rioting”. Officers initially came and arrested him, but he “came back after three-quarters of an hour to continue where he left off before”.

  • tom_billesley

    Mahometans who are drunk and violent typically claim that they are not used to alcohol and expect a cultural exemption from prosecution.

  • simus1

    A phone call from some low level merkelite probably soon reminds the deutchenplodden that continued hassling of criminal merkelbeestkinder
    equates to a “hopeless never promote” performance review in their file.

    • Editor

      “deutchenplodden”. Ha! Ich bin laughing!

  • canminuteman

    But I thought all the anti immigrant people were “Extreme Right Wing”.

    • Watchman

      He’s not actually anti-immigrant: he’s just angry that the anti-immigrants can use the overrepresentation of migrants in crime against the unlimited immigration he wants, but also to get votes and gain power.

  • Gary

    Toronto has a major problem because the Diversity Quota was a Progressive Policy for Employment Equity back when Canadians were peaceful people that born here that respected the nation and did import past hatreds that became terrorism acts. There is a reason for why the Bouncers at bars are usually huge based on the types of customers.
    Today , all of those Mini-Cops and little girls with guns are getting the crap beat out of them by the violent males that are taller and stronger than 90% of the cops.
    As Toronto headed towards Cultural Suicide to the now 51% non-whites and the majority non-Canadian background and the 300,000+ illegals …..I saw how useless the mini-Cops were and what a big mistake it was to lower the Standards and cater to the 1% er’s from each group of malcontent new comers to Canada.

    Female Officers now have a PTSD crisis for a record high LTD claims where they start the jobs in their youth as unqualified , by the old Standards , to meet the Quota number .
    The recruitment Posters LIED to have happy women at Street festivals and cross walks with kids. But once they see the suicides and Child-abuse or car accidents with dead babies and headless adults ….. they snap after a short time just like hiring a person that faints at blood but wants a $60K a year job in an ER or the O.R. .

    I remember my first exposure to these Girl Guides with guns in a huge FORD sedan Cruiser. I reported a very large man screaming at car and going onto Bloor st , the Officer was heading South where I waved them down . The door was opened on the curb side and I saw this little women in a loose uniform have to peer over the dash to see the road ahead .
    Once I had told them the problem I watched the Car head South and stop just past Bloor and sat there until about 3 minutes later another car stopped behind her where a very tall white male got out .
    She then exited the car to walk behind him toward the screaming man .

    Why the F are we paying her about $70,000.00 to report a problem to 9-1-1 for back-ups to send a REAL cop when I could have used a quarter or free 9-1-1 service to do what she just did but for FREE .
    Just 2 years ago there was an obese female Officer that came out of a 7/11 near me with some paper item as if was a Phone card or 649 ticker. She waddled to the police car where male officer was driving it .

    We need to assess what the police are for and if they are now a PR Wing for Tourism Posters on Parade Duty…. then we need to start a new system with Peace Officers that enforce Canada’s laws on everyone equally and stop tolerating barbarism to get vote or Cops that fear being fired .

    • tom_billesley

      Peace Officers need replacement with Law Enforcers.

      • Gary

        Peace Officers WERE Law Enforcers but slowly morphed into Social workers with guns and the Employment Equity wing of the ruling Government.

    • Watchman

      Police women, almost always are lighter and less muscular than male police. This does mean that there is a shorter distance between simple verbal interaction and use of deadly force by firearm. Every cop has a firearm, and so cannot permit themselves to be disarmed or disabled and allow someone else to gain control of a potentially deadly weapon. This means that an average police woman is going to be disadvantaged against a average violent man and will be forced to resort to deadly force earlier. The only thing that is probably preventing the huge disparity in deaths by police shooting between male and female police is that women see their disadvantage and thus refuse to get involved in physical violence without overwhelming backup, usually by male police.

      As you say, why are all police being paid the same if we have two classes of police: police lite and male police. This police lite would also apply to any police of slight build or low physical strength. It’s not purely a male-female issue thing. There is a good reason why there used to be height and weight standards for police.

      Police are like gangs with uniforms, with the force of law behind them. They need to be able to intimidate opposing gangs or individuals and do it with compassion, impartiality, ethically and legally. To believe this intimidation of lawbreakers is not required is to diminish or remove their power to get things done without actually resorting to violence.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Against or for?