John Kerry vacationed on Aga Khan’s private island during Trudeau visit

Former U.S. secretary of state John Kerry was on the Aga Khan’s private island at the same time as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ill-fated family vacation last Christmas break, CBC News has learned.

Kerry’s influence on Trudeau should be more troubling than Aga Khan’s.

  • Ed

    Grooming another potential rich widow?

  • ontario john

    Yes Obama’s Secretary of State and little Justin meet on a private island with a muslim conman. A muslim leader who gets billions of dollars from both countries. Nothing shady about that. I wonder if Kerry was wearing funny socks.

  • Thomas Henderson

    We’d be better off if Kerry and Trudeau spent their Christmas Eve at midnight mass instead.

    Imagine what the press would have said if Harper had met with Condoleezza Rice in a remote place just after Obama’s win in 2008.

    Fast forward to 2016. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

    Collusion between the media and the group-think Laurentian consensus is incestuous and hazardous to the public good.

  • Cat-astrophe

    There is your ‘collusion’, right there.
    AND it involves the religion with the letter ‘P’ firmly embedded in it…..

  • barryjr

    There is no way on earth that the appearance of two players on the world stage being on the same private island at the same time was not planned. I’m far more concerned about what Kerry and Trudeau talked about than the $15,215,000 the CBC mentioned.