Europe rebuked for removing Afghans to one of world’s most dangerous countries

Britain and other European nations are under increasing pressure to explain why they are sending hundreds of desperate Afghans back to one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

MPs and MEPs have raised questions about whether the EU tied a 2016 aid package for Afghanistan to its willingness to take back refused asylum seekers.

Since the deal, forced repatriations have accelerated. The International Organisation for Migration says 500 Afghans have been forcibly removed back to Afghanistan this year, compared to 200 last year. More than 3,000 have returned voluntarily this year.

  • Dana Garcia

    Afghanistan is dangerous because it is filled with Afghans. Taking in some number of them won’t solve the problem in Asia; it only endangers Western people.

    • I am all for Afghanistan for the Afghans.

      • Dana Garcia

        Seems fair.

    • Gary

      There are 1.5 billion Muslims that want to flee islamic hell-holes …..why do we have to take them in when this is a crisis for allah and islam.
      As long as canada keeps taking in the Victims of islam and sharia….Muslims will keep pumping out refugees and use them for Hijrah to breed like crazy and take over canada as I heard Imam Rockwell say where canada will be an islamic state once muslims dominate to do jihad .

      • Clausewitz

        As long as we continue to take in disposed Muslims then they will never stick around and attempt that talked about Muslim reform. The main problem is that in the end they all end up being nostalgic for the Hell Holes they come from and want to change us. Of course this could all just be a ruse in their attempted take over of other cultures, maybe I’m just getting too cynical in my old age .

        • Dana Garcia

          I have noticed that many of the muslims fleebags are young and male, just the demographic that most often attempts to reform things. Perhaps muslim cultures are different — lazy, hopeless and/or indifferent??

    • “Afghanistan is dangerous because it is filled with Afghans.”


  • andycanuck

    Oh. I misunderstood the headline and thought it was about Afghanis going to Sweden with its high crime rate.

  • Watchman

    By this argument, it would be impossible for the EU to deport any Americans back to the USA as America is supposed to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world due to gun violence.

  • Achmed

    It is Islamophobic to forcibly return the faithful when they are fulfilling their duties of the Hijra to bring Dawah throughout the wold.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Afganistan is dangerouse because of Afgans, if you bring Afgans in your place
    it becomes a more dangerouse place, think about it.
    Acid atacks are an Afgan/Pakistani thing.