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US preparing ‘bloody nose’ attack on North Korea

The US is preparing plans to deliver a “bloody nose” attack against North Korea to knock out its nuclear weapons program.

The White House has “dramatically” ramped up its military plans amid fears that diplomacy won’t thwart North Korean despot Kim Jong Un from making good on his threats, sources told the UK’s Telegraph.

Rising concern about anti-Muslim discrimination

The number of Muslims in Ontario seeking advice about discrimination concerns rose 39% last year, the latest annual report of the Human Rights Legal Support Centre says.

“The rise in hostile discourse is not felt by Muslim communities alone,” centre chair Patrick Case says in a forward. “In response to over 25,000 enquiries each year about possible Human Rights Code violations, our staff has often been shocked by actions attributed to institutions that have the resources to know better and do better.”

Store Detective Tells Migrant “It’s Not Permitted To Tear Open The Packaging” So Migrant Pummels Him

A “man” of “oriental appearance”, who head-butted a store detective, giving him a concussion, and kicked and broke his ribs, when the detective told him that it’s not permitted to open the cellophane-sealed packages of perfume and test-spray them (according to the original police press release here), was handed his sentence today: He got seven months jail time and will be immediately deported after serving time.

Just kidding! Of course not!

His sentence was suspended, and won’t affect his residence status at all. The court counted in his favour that he just enrolled in a German language class.

Canadian border officials looking at GPS tracking as alternative to jailing migrants

Border enforcement officials are looking at using a voice-reporting system that can confirm a caller’s identity and track geographical location as an alternative to jailing those who breach Canada’s immigration law.

Expanded electronic supervision tools such as the use of GPS electronic monitoring will be piloted in the Greater Toronto Area, said the Canada Border Services Agency, and could come as early as April.

New York Times Column Says Trump Is About To Stage A Coup

A New York Times contributor cranked the President Donald Trump-hysteria-meter to 11 on Thursday when he wrote the president “and his allies seem on the verge of staging a coup against independent institutions and the rule of law.”

In the column “The Real Coup Plot Is Trump’s,” New York Times contributor and Harvard University lecturer Yascha Mounk warns readers about the upcoming assault on American democracy that the president is plotting.