Canadian threat report highlights rise in simple but deadly terror attacks

Extremists are increasingly carrying out simple but deadly attacks using knives and vehicles, Public Safety Canada warns in its latest assessment of the terrorist threat.

Such unsophisticated but “high-impact” assaults took place recently in Edmonton, where five people were injured, and in New York, killing eight people and injuring several more, the annual report released Thursday notes.

“These kinds of potential weapons are easy to obtain and it is therefore difficult to prevent their use in attacks.”

Perhaps another prevention method should be considered?

  • WalterBannon

    “Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says in a preface to the report that recent events around the world serve as a reminder that any type of radical ideology, including right-wing extremism”

    Ralph Goodale is a total douche. If they keep pushing their lies about “right-wing extremism” and whitewashing Islam they are one day going to get the justice that they deserve from the bogey man that they are creating.

  • Liberal Progressive

    The solution obviously is to ban all vehicles and knives from being available to anybody in the public.