Australians too Dumb to Spell Terrorist

While it may not be true for the whole country it certainly is true for the Government, the Police Departments, the Politicians and the Media.

A second obvious terror attack has occurred in Melbourne, again it was an ISIS inspired attack, again the Authorities have denied it was a terrorist related indecent.

The Media in Australia are truly pathetic.

  • Ed

    LOL… why do they always have that granola “United Church” look?

    • Bless his heart

      Brain dead.
      Lost all ability to think critically.
      Can only do critical theory and cultural Marxism.

    • The bigger question: Why do progressives from Ottawa, to London, to Melbourne all have the same asinine love for Islam.

      How can literally tens of thousands of Islamic terrorists attacks since 9/11 be overlooked and whitewashed?

      Western liberals live the “good life bubble” because of the conservatives who sacrificed before them.

      LIberals are like cows in line at the slaughterhouse; fat, happy and no cutting in line please.

  • WalterBannon

    almost as bad as Canada

    the average canadian is not even aware that there have already been multiple muslim terrorist attacks in canada

    • Bless his heart

      To report one would lose any MSM press their job.

  • Wally Keeler

    Australians TOO dumb 2 spell errorist

    • Sean R

      Please tell me that you spelled “errorist” deliberately to show irony. If so, that is the most brilliant repost I have ever read…

      • Wally Keeler

        Yes. I’m a write supremacist!

    • Cheezus guys it;s the actual damn headline of the article I linked to it”s part of the joke Get it????

  • Sean R


    Lord love a duck, if you are going to make fun of someone’s spelling, check your own!

  • tom_billesley

    Flinders Street driver Saeed Noori rambled about Allah, Australia’s spy agency ASIO and the mistreatment of Muslims in the hours after the attack, police say.
    The media narrative is that if he rambles he must be telling lies.
    As he mentions the ASIO, will it eventually transpire that he was “known extremist”, had been interviewed, and was being poorly monitored by security services?

    • Watchman

      The use of the word ‘rambled’ can easily part of the ‘mental illness’ skew in the reporting. It is putting a value judgement on the underlying mental state of this man, possibly based only on the content of his speech. To a lot of Progressives, if he said he did it because muslims are supposedly being treated badly (by whom, and where?), this is obvious signs of mental illness which must be communicated to the reader by calling this ‘rambling’. They don’t understand that muslims see any violence against any muslim anywhere in the world is the responsibility of every non-muslim around the world. Thus the violence against Rohingya muslims in Myanmar by the Buddhists government is also Australia’s fault, according to muslims.

  • And that is why they have attacks.

  • Too all who so vociferously complained, I have fixed the headline – go in peace.

    • Watchman

      No! It was equal to the worst crime against humanity and must be severely punished! We will not forget this atrocity. /sarc

  • northofnowhere

    So which came first the chicken(radical islamist) or the egg(mental illness).