Swedish Secularism Targets Jewish Homeschoolers

The firebombing of a synagogue in Gothenburg thrust Sweden’s anti-Semitism crisis into global headlines. For years, Swedish Jews have lived in fear of such violence, which is almost always perpetrated by the country’s large and ill-assimilated Muslim minority. According to a 2013 European Union study, four out of five Jews decline to publicly identify themselves as Jewish in Sweden–a damning indictment of a country that likes to portray itself as one of the Continent’s most tolerant.

As if dodging Molotov cocktails and mobs chanting “we will shoot the Jews”weren’t enough, the reigning secularism also squeezes Swedish Jews. The Swedish state is full of solicitude for Jewish citizens in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks. But it also seeks to limit their freedom to practice their faith.

  • Maxsteele

    Thank you for posting these scary happenings in Sweden. As anyone with a cursory understanding of history can tell, the Jews are the canary in the coal mine..perhaps that may be what was meant as being the “chosen people”. Perhaps they have been “chosen” to expose human kinds prorpensity for evil. As we have seen in the Arab world, once they get rid of Jews the Christians will be next. We need to guard well against our Crime Minster and his adoration of jihadists. This will be coming to a neighbourhood near us..sooner than we think.

  • Yes, Sweden, go after the people who DON’T rape your women.

  • Clausewitz

    Sweden supplied most of Germany’s iron and steel during WWII, so tacit support of Anti Semites. Now they embrace the religion of peace with their proclivities. I’m starting to detect a trend.