Spies train truckers to stop jihadis from hijacking their lorries to commit UK terror attacks

Truck drivers are being trained in anti-terrorism measures to stop jihadis hijacking their vehicles for mass attacks in the UK.

Government spies have been working with the Road Haulage Association to improve security measures, as revealed by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee’s annual report.

It comes after a wave of vehicle attacks across Europe including atrocities in Berlin, Barcelona and Stockholm.

  • mauser 98

    try driving truck ..now have to beat off animals

    extra pay??…………… thought so

    try deporting animals first ..jerks

  • canminuteman

    Give them arms and armed co drivers and the problem would be solved immediately.

    • Solo712

      There is no other sensible solution.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Well if all these attacks are due to Muslims driving trucks, the easy solution is to ban all trucks!

  • Clink9

    They never used to do that before.

    I wonder what’s changed?