‘Russian spy in Downing Street’: Ukrainian interpreter in Theresa May talks accused of espionage for Moscow

A senior Ukrainian government interpreter who attended sensitive security talks with Theresa May inside Downing Street has been arrested for allegedly spying for the Kremlin.

Ukraine’s security service on Thursday said it had arrested Stanislav Yezhov and opened a treason investigation, five months after he accompanied the country’s Prime Minister on an official visit to London.

The interpreter for Ukrainian cabinet ministers had been recruited by a Russian intelligence agency and had been electronically passing them secrets, authorities in Kiev alleged.

  • Solo712

    Remember Putin answering a naive question from a Western journo who wanted to know how come his spies are so effective in the Ukraine? He said: “It’s simple, every other Russian has a relative or a close friend there.”

  • Editor

    I always assumed half of all embassy staff everywhere were spies. That’s how I would do it. I may have seen too many movies though.