Muslim wants judge turfed due to views on sharia

A Muslim man who tried to stop a magistrate hearing his case because of an alleged bias against sharia law has been revealed as a person of interest to counter-­terrorism officers.

Zakaria Zaatiti, 23, allegedly sought information on guns, including a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and on Islamic State, terrorism and Christmas Day attacks before he was arrested for allegedly shooting two men in August.

The details were revealed in court as Mr Zaatiti failed to stop Melbourne magistrate Ross Maxted from hearing his latest bail application. He claimed Mr Maxted had shown a bias against sharia law during an earlier bail hearing.

Barrister Shaun Ginsbourg, for Mr Zaatiti, said the magistrate’s comments during that September hearing suggested sharia law was “incompatible” with obedience and respect for Australian law. Mr Ginsbourg said such a concern “had no foundation whatsoever on the evidence”.