Man afraid of Tasmanian Devil sues father-in-law for wearing bushy toupee

A 36-year-old Staten Island man who claims to have had a lifelong phobia of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon is accusing his wealthy father-in-law of making his life hell by menacing him with a bushy toupee that looks like the manic children’s character.

The situation has gotten so bad, supermarket mogul Yunes Doleh, 62, was arrested in November on felony charges for violating a restraining order by waving his “Devil” hairpiece at son-in-law, Mazen Dayem, during a funeral.

“He walked in as I was already there,” Dayem told The Post. “He removed his wig, made hand gestures. It’s just a very large fear of mine, his damn wig. Him and his hair reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil hair. I truly and genuinely have a large fear of wigs now. It’s a genuine fear. I have nightmares.”

Dayem says he’s had a debilitating fear of the wild Warner Bros. character for as long as he can remember.

“It always made me very anxious,” he said.

…Dayem’s attorney, Robert Garson, confirmed his client’s unusual phobia by comparing the hairpiece to an actual animal.

“Mazen is very scared of this guy who looks like he has a rabid badger on his head. It troubles him greatly,” Garson said.

  • Editor

    Aside from its “The Onion” worthiness and humoristic value, the post makes me wonder if he would have sued if the father-in-law was a dirt poor retiree instead of a “supermarket mogul”.

    • Ed

      Funniest story of the year. Onion really needs to up it’s game to compete with this.

  • Observer

    Perhaps Mazen Dayem should be institutionalized for this psychiatric problems?

    • John Boy

      And his wife be psychiatrically assessed for marrying that lunatic from The Religion of Peace.

  • Yaacov ben Moshe

    OOOOhhhh, He is a wigophobic! I hope he wins his suit. Then maybe I can sue Obama and all his immigrants as a Jihadophobic.

    • CodexCoder

      That would be Maliaphobic (fear of wigs). And yes, I had to look it up. However, the word has different implications for Obama.

      • Dana Garcia

        Ha! I knew there was a word. That’s why we have psychiatrists.

    • Malcolm Y

      He wigged out ?

  • Micky C.

    Christ almighty! If I ever became this batshit insane i’d do the world a solid and top myself.

    • Editor

      I remember seeing clips of people with clown phobia or balloon phobia on Maury Povich’s show years ago. It got them a flight to Los Angeles and a couple of days of free hotel and probably a per diem. I see this as a similar deal. It’s a shakedown.

  • tom_billesley

    Mazen Dayem, Mazen Abdeldayem, Mazen Abd El Dayem ?

    6 Plead Guilty to Fraud in Currency Trading Case. By BLOOMBERG NEWS AUG. 16, 2005.
    The six men who entered a plead yesterday are Vito Napoletano, 32, George Omeste, 28, and Leonard Basman, 34, all of Staten Island; Ian Scott Bursztyn, 33, of Commack, N.Y., Matthew Salinas, 30, of Florida, and Mazen Abdeldayem, 24.
    The age is right.