France overwhelmed by the flow of Muslim migrants

The mayors of seven large French cities have appealed to the national government to save them from the ‘social emergency’ of huge numbers of migrants.

  • greenface

    They want more dosh to look after them. Utter cretins.

  • k2

    Let them drown in their damn migrants. Screw ’em.

  • Dana Garcia

    For an invasion, the proper response is military.

  • Gary

    Thank god that my father from Quebec was part of the native that stay away and lived off the land to speak in English from their US background and didn’t cross breed and poison their brains.
    Pierre Trudeau mocked those that warned of the threat by Hitler and the Nazi’s back in the 1930’s. Trudeau said that Hitler was a problem for Anglo’s and not the France .
    Oh well, in June 1940 Hitler rode into Paris in his Staff car as the SS saluted him to receive his belated Birthday gift of France from the Nazi Party.
    In 1945 , Pierre got a good look at what enablers did in the 1930’s when the accurate records in Berlin showed that over 12,000,000 civilians went to the death camps as gays, communists , disabled , jews and any perceived opposing citizen .
    Now his idiot Son is on side with the islamofascists that are slaughtering civilians around the globe and embraces the muslim Canadian ISIS fighters coming back where those that don’t like it are islamophobes .

    The good News is that at least Justin admits they WERE muslims when they left and ARE Muslims NOW because terrorism IS part of islam no matter what the CBC tells us.
    Canada’s position is that ISIS is islamic and the members ARE muslims.