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Ontario launching sweeping review of province’s energy regulator

The Liberal government has tapped Richard Dicerni, a former head of Ontario Power Generation, to lead a year-long review of the Ontario Energy Board. It will look at how the OEB should keep up with new technology and new consumer demands, said Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault.

“Looking at the innovation that’s coming, so: solar panels on your roof, using the power during the day when you have our peak hours … storing some of that excess power, utilizing it for your electric vehicle, those are things that are going to actually help you lower your costs, lower your greenhouse gas emissions,” Thibeault said.

NFL shows it ABSOLUTELY backs Colin Kaepernick’s protest against the national anthem

The National Football League is partnering with Morehouse College for a three-day social justice workshop in February inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s activism.

“The Advocacy in Sport Workshop is a direct extension of Colin Kaepernick’s activism,” Interim President of Morehouse College Harold Martin Jr. wrote in a letter. “We recognize and applaud Mr. Kaepernick’s efforts and personal sacrifice. His work…inspired this very tangible discussion and training.”

Twitter Blocks The Alt-Right, Allows Racist Death Threats To Ajit Pai

Twitter began a massive purge of users on Monday the company claims violate its new terms of service.

As predicted, nearly every account that was banned by Twitter was affiliated with the alt-right or far right.

PM touring to escape ‘concentric circles’ in Ottawa

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is planning to embark on a cross-Canada town hall tour next month, in an effort to keep from getting “government-itis,” he said.

Trudeau will be travelling across Canada in January to hold a series of town hall meetings, he said in an interview with Mornings Rock on CHOM 97.7 FM in Montreal Tuesday morning.

The prime minister said the tour is part of his effort to stay connected to Canadians and avoid getting what he calls “toxic” “government-itis.”

  • TAKE A HIKE, SON: Trump Tells Countries Favoring U.N. Resolution Against His Jerusalem Decision: I’ll Cut Off Your Financial Aid

    • Tooth&Claw

      I await Trump kicking the parasites out and telling them to take their activities to Somalia.

  • tom_billesley

    An inconvenient case
    Relatives of an Australian woman shot dead by a US policeman say they are concerned the incident may not have been investigated properly.
    Justine Damond, 40, was killed after calling police to report a woman screaming outside her Minneapolis home in July.
    In a video released last week, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said he did not have sufficient evidence to charge Mohamed Noor, the officer who shot Ms Damond as she approached his police car in her pyjamas.
    “Who didn’t do their jobs? Investigators. And they don’t work for me. And they haven’t done their job,” Mr Freeman said.
    Ms Damond’s father said he now felt “compelled” to comment on the case.
    “We are deeply concerned about the possibility that the initial investigation was not done properly and with greatest integrity and sense of completeness,” John Ruszczyk told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

    • Millie_Woods

      Literally getting away with murder.

  • Controversial call for Father Christmas to be renamed ‘Person Christmas’

    “As the concept of gender fluidity, the idea that our gender identities are not fixed and that people may identify as a mix of both male and female, has become more mainstream, it has sparked a whole new debate on social media: namely that Santa Claus should be gender fluid.”

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      So, will we change the name to “person nature” as well?

    • Tooth&Claw

      Oh stop this nitpicking nonsense. Santa is a big fat, fictional fairy that rides a sleigh pulled by female reindeer. All of that is politically incorrect. Get over yourselves.

  • Blacksmith

    First trans miss Sweden? Or just had a mans face grafted on?

    • Linda1000

      Helsinki is the capital of Finland
      Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

      • Blacksmith

        That is not the first time I have done that, I seem to have a mental block with Helsinki and Finland….

  • ontario john

    So thousands of Liberal Party supporters will be attending the funeral of the Shermans today. The Shermans were being investigated for lobbying and fund raising offenses for the Liberal Party, when they were found dead in their home. According to the Star he was also writing a book on how true atheism is. Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Wynne will be attending the funeral.

  • Art Deco

    The Charter of Rights is Trudeaupian humbug. It is properly replaced with a concise and elegant statement of privileges and immunities proper to self-reliant free men.

  • ontario john

    South Korea has announced it is adding 20 F35 jet fighters to its original order. Meanwhile little Justin is going ahead with buying some used junk from Australia.

  • Millie_Woods

    re. Miss Helsinki. This gets my vote for the most blatant case of out-and-out politically correct virtue posturing of 2017. The panel set an appalling example of how whites sickeningly grovel before the third world.

    • shasta

      Yes, but the real problem is (she)? is so ugly.

    • WalterBannon

      Miss Helsinki 2017 is a gorilla

  • clownloach

    Goony googoo.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “….year-long review of the Ontario Energy Board. It will look at how the OEB should keep up with new technology and new consumer demands, said Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault.”

    I think it is far more important to know how the OEB has performed in the past.
    Putting one of its past heads in charge of the “effort” is an invitation to find out nothing of its grossly formerl mismanaged management.
    A potent form of whitewash that will inevitably repeat itself in the future as long as it can keep on getting away with its self examinations.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This websites displays of cultural appropriation are outrageous!

    Maple Syrup is an indigenous people’s invention and for non-indigenous people to be appropriating it for their own diets is racist!

  • Mickey Oberman

    “In your guts you know he’s Nuts”

    Who do you know that has guts that can stand up to such a nauseating battering?

  • Observer

    So is that the standard of beauty in Sweden?

    It sure isn’t mine.

  • P_F

    Miss Helsinki 2017 looks exactly like her ancestor Lucy.

  • Frances

    Small business wish they could escape the toxic governmentitis which the PM and his Finance Minister are inflicting on them. Note, though, that the trust fund buds are unaffected by these changes.

  • Lightstream

    Miss Helsinki? You’ve got to be kidding!