Child brides living with Muslim men can apply for child support from the Swedish social services.

In its latest move to abandon all decency, the Swedish government is in essence recognizing child abuse and pedophilia. Instead of arresting old men who exploit underage girls, the authorities have acknowledged the blatant child abuse, by making child brides eligible for child support.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Child rape and polygamy will be completely legal in Sweden this time next year.

    • Editor

      Certainly not investigated or prosecuted but you gotta keep the law on the books to have the “plausible deniability” you disagree with such acts.

      • bob e

        good thinking ..

  • ScareCrowSweden

    This HAS to be fucking satire! NO WAY this can be rea– oh, wait, it’s Sweden… Nevermind. *drumroll*

    (dripping with sarcasm… dripping)

  • Editor

    How long before FGM is taken over by the state healthcare system under the guise of “harm reduction” like the government funded “safe injection” sites in Canada?

    Thanks feminist moral superpower government!

  • Gary

    i still predict the Liberals will legalize child-bride pedophilia in Canada.

    • Exile1981

      before the next election to cement the muslim and manbla votes; or after to prevent electoral backlash?

      • Gary

        The Health org CAMH had petitioned Wynne to make pedophilia a mental Health issue and sexual preference from birth to get Charter Rights protection as a Minority group .
        Ontario’s Attorney General was replaced with a devout Muslim that would never admit that his prophet was a pedophile that rape aisha at 9 when he was 54 .
        Trudeau , Wynne and John Tory are the only Wall between us and the barbarians because they control the RCMP, OPP and Toronto Police .
        islamophobia is being used to silence people and inflict fear in the Police forces to arrest any Muslim even for a valid crime in public.

        Imam Steven Rockwell boasted about how Canada will be an islamic State because muslims are out breeding all other groups where the Quran orders them to claim canada for islam once they have the numbers for a Jihad victory .
        Rockwell even said that the non-muslims that refuse to convert can either pay the head-tax or leave canada which is an islamic state ruled by sharia .

        Muslims are telling us right NOW what their plans are an yet Liberals
        embrace these islamists. In 2015 , Rockwell said he supported Hamas. Boko haram , al-shabaab , hezballah and ISIS because they were fight for sharia and the caliphate.
        Rockwell has an CRTC approved TV show every week and has yet to be reported on any CBC news feature.

        we’re $crewed

  • JoKeR

    Bestiality brothels are ‘spreading through Germany’ warns campaigner as abusers turn to sex with animals as ‘lifestyle choice’

    • Yo Mama

      But you can’t get government Child Support for a billy goat.

      • bob e

        give it a human name & mebbe they’ll buy it ..

      • andycanuck

        Say they’re your kids on the registry forms.

  • bob e

    This has gone beyond anything imaginable ..
    These people are sick beyond any hopes of returning sanity..

  • Clausewitz

    I now definitely believe that this planet is in need of a good old fashioned culling.