Who Punches The Nazi-Punchers?

This year, an ideology that killed millions in the twentieth century attempted to resurrect itself. Oh, and the Nazis tried to make a comeback, too.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    That headline is absolutely brilliant.

  • Gary

    Yesterday i heard a liberal shill on a radio show that was inciting hatred towards Whites in canada where he blamed the rash of attacks on jewish temples as Trump’s fault because of the Neo nazi’s and KKK supporter in canada.
    These people are sick…. there are several videos where muslims and Imams in canada freely call for murdering all the jews….we’ve had muslims arrested for attacks on jews .
    How the hell can Liberals be this stupid to not see the jew-haters in the news every months that praise god in Arabic and are brown or olive colour with a strong accent .
    They must be on the side of ISIS because the overt evidence for why we should assume it’s palestinian’s or the typical jew-hating muslim .