The Great Brain Drain

Excited fans at the Abba reunion concert in Gothenburg

As I said to Tucker Carlson the other night, the demographic transformation of the western world is “the biggest story of our time”, and it will indeed determine all the others.

  • JoKeR

    As hard as I looked at the picture, and I stared and I stared, I could not see anything indicating any brains at all.

    • J. C.

      That’s a 160 IQ in that photo!

      Combined, that is… Not individually. 😉

      • Islamic theology is a social blueprint for failure.

        Islamic theology is the problem.

        The French Vietnamese integrated quite well. Islamic theology does not allow integration.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I was reading today that the entire German submarine fleet is out of commission, possibly for years, through a combination of financial starvation and a lack of new recruiting. Mobile armor is about at 39% combat readiness and the airforce is about 32% ready. Zero of their 14 brand new multibillion dollar A400 cargo planes are flight worthy. These are the men and women who we’re told will be the bulwark of the defense against Russia.

    Meanwhile in Sweden, their entire civil defense infrastructure has crumbled and the cold war army of up to 500,000 troops has fallen to 11 or 12,000 today. 7 years after ending conscription they’ve decided to reinstate it in a limited fashion in an attempt to get at least 4,000 new soldiers. The Russians have already run nuclear war simulations in Swedish air space, twice and the Swedish Air force did nothing. Russian subs freely patrol in Swedish waters unopposed. Sweden’s defense minister stated recently they had the ability to partially defend part of the country for about a week, then nothing.

    I tend to think they should stop flogging this dead horse and completely demilitarize. With the whole country on schedule to become a caliphate run by illiterate inbred idiots they won’t present a threat or an opportunity to anyone. There’s nothing worth invading them for, apart from natural resources that the Swedes themselves don’t want and won’t protect. As long as they scuttle their navy, chop up all their planes and toss all their other high quality weapons in the crusher, we shouldn’t worry too too much.

    • DMB

      Sweden could become the new Siberia for Russia. A place to dump their criminal population.

    • Alain

      When imported jihadists outnumber your troops I suggest the fat lady has sung and left the stage.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And to be blunt, without this tide of garbage, we in the US are dumbing ourselves back to the stone age too. College is largely worthless and it’s filled with stupid people wallowing in their ignorance. I doubt the entire population of UCSD could muster the brain power to keep the water and lights on in their own school if challenged. I doubt most college students could avoid starvation if you gave them cash and pointed them at the grocery store and they had to do that for a month.

    When the lights wink out, every single modern city in the west is no more than 7 days from famine, anarchy and the walking dead.