London’s Sex Robot Conference: Child sex dolls, human-bot babies and the end of society

Will it be possible for humans and robots to procreate? Could bots see the demise of female humans? And what about pedophiles – should they be given child sex dolls? RT went to the Love and Sex Robots Conference to find out.

  • JoKeR

    Only if you install the correct accessories inside the nether regions of the child dolls.

  • Watchman

    Third Wave Feminism made the binary choice between feminist or sex bot easy for most men.

    • JoKeR

      There’s the “third-way” if you can stand necrophilia!

      • Watchman

        I tried that but it was a more dead boring relationship than with the sexbot! /sarc

  • Hard Little Machine

    There was a similar discussion in Japan a number of years ago about whether anime/hentai child porn qualified as real child porn. Apparently it’s popular for middle aged men to read anime books filled with cartoon child porn on the train

    • Blind Druid

      From studying their culture — The Nips romanticize child rape. The fantasy is very prevalent in Jap live porn and cartoons, with the constant protesting and wailing of the very underage “Victim”. The women crave that fantasy as much as the men it seems. The young girls lust after the beautiful but homosexual boy who is unobtainable because he is gay. Their birth rate is down to ZPG.