Government spent close to $10K on Jays tickets for Canada 150 and travel ‘influencers’

Documents tabled in Parliament last week show the government spent thousands on Toronto Blue Jays tickets in 2017. The biggest chunk was spent taking 90 private sector, technology and government partners from B.C., the United States and Mexico to watch the Jays take on the Seattle Mariners on June 11, 2017. In Seattle.

The event was billed as a part of Canada 150 celebrations.

  • Sharkibark

    Well that makes me feel festive. Just keep the celebrations going all year.

  • Literally Hitler

    In the private sector gifts such as sporting events tickets between negotiating parties are known as bribes.

    • Frances

      And, if properly reported on the corporate T2, only 50% deductible for income tax purposes. The government gets to expense 100%.

  • QiPo

    Royalty don’t want no cheap seats. Normal peoples stink and no speak right. Moreover, they can reach their exalted selfs.

  • It’s just money.