Donut shop uses Salvation Army for Christmas donations, LGBT activists furious

It seems that no good deed goes unpunished when LGBT social justice warriors (SJW) get involved, this time condemning a donut shop for using an organization they despise for helping the shop to locate a needy family for charitable giving at Christmastime.

  • ontario john

    Because as we all know, when you want to help the poor and needy, the first group you donate to is homosexual groups not the Salvation Army. Conservative Christians are evil. Probably Nazis.

    • This isn’t the first time Big Gay has impeded on charitable organisations.

      Big Gay is one gigantic @$$hole and not in the way one might think.

    • tom_billesley

      A donation to Hezbollah would have been given the green light.

  • Editor

    “LGBT activists furious” – Isn’t that their natural state?

    • barryjr

      That’s all the left has.

  • H

    Slightly OT: Milo says: “Use their own warfare against them”. Conservatives (and true liberals in the original sense of the word) need to fight back.

  • Literally Hitler

    Never apologize to the gaystappo. When SJW activists threaten, state the facts and politely end it. In this case they could have said ‘we chose to partner with the Salvation Army because of their history of good works and we thank our patrons for their generous support’. If you would rather go to a homosexual donut shop you are welcome to do so. That’s how freedom works.

    • Watchman

      Apologising is like trying to distract a threatened shark attack by cutting your wrists while you are in the water.

  • dukestreet

    Too bad they are so far away. I would definitely go there from now on, if they were in my neighbourhood. I’d even give them extra business if they didn’t give in to them.

    • Mr. Meow

      Unfortunately they folded like a deck chair on the Titanic

      • Watchman

        I can’t blame them, they naively thought an apology would calm thing down, not realising that these sort of attacker takes no prisoners nor accept any apologies and the only acceptable end result is for them to go out of business, to lose their houses in bankruptcy, and for them to commit suicide in dispair.

  • andycanuck

    Mmm. Donuts.

  • Allan

    Keep it up LGBT. The more you do this, the more people hate you and your agenda.