Canada hasn’t added any of its ‘terrorist travellers’ to UN sanctions list

The Canadian government insists it’s using “all available tools” to find, detain and convict citizens who have travelled overseas for the purposes of terrorism, but it hasn’t submitted a single name to the UN committee that maintains a sanctions list of international jihadists.

  • Blacksmith

    Every tool but the tools that are for the job eh?

  • Because returned child rapists vote Liberal.

    That’s why.

  • Watchman

    Is anyone else besides me expecting that Jordan Petereson is going to be the first ‘lucky’ recipient of such an honour? Then after that any employees of The Rebel media organisation as if it were a terrorist group?

  • Gary

    You don’t embrace termite into your home and than brag about how you have a phone book with plenty of ways to get rid of them .

    Don’t let them in you moron.
    40 years from now a liberal PM will have to apologize for the idiot that got thousands killed in by islamists and the terrorists he gave millions to .